If you believe in the power of prayer then you have no reason to worry about the Oklahoma City Thunder.

My son, Dawit, has them covered. No one was more excited than Dawit when Paul George signed to stay in Oklahoma City. He loves the Thunder. We go to games when we can and he watches every game he can before bedtime and he records the west coast games and watches them the next day. 

George had a lot of surgery right after the season ended to clear up some elbow and knee issues. He seems to have recovered well according to every report and videos of pickup games he has played in.

Russell Westbrook had knee surgery just this week and will miss the preseason for the Thunder. That is more of a cause for concern. Westbrook's knee has caused trouble in the past. After his last surgery he has barely been able to win an NBA MVP crown and average a triple double twice. Obviously, he heals quickly and well. 

Some reports say there was no serious injury to the joint, but he had suffered stiffness during workouts trying to get ready for the season. He opted to have the procedure done rather than fighting pain and problems all year.

Of course, Westbrook is 30 now and I can tell you, the years have an affect. There are a lot of miles on that machine. When I was 27, I could work a 20-hour day, catch a nap and meet the next day head-on.

At 47, I can still go 20 hours a day. I was up and out of the house before 6 a.m. Friday and I won't finish until long after the midnight oil burns out. Saturday morning, sports begin early and continue through the afternoon. I can still do it, but I will sleep really well Saturday night.

As Westbrook and George continue to get ready for the season, they should know that Dawit has their back.

In addition to his normal prayer time, he has added a special Thunder section now. Last night, he prayed for God to bless his friends and family and the kids in Africa. 

But last night he added, "Please make Paul George and Russell Westbrook heal from their surgeries and don't make Steven Adams have surgery because he is bigger and it would hurt him more."

Look, he isn't an orthopedist. He's just a kid with a good heart who loves the Thunder.

But if God is answering prayers for the Thunder, they should be just fine. Dawit won't stop until he knows they will be ready for the season.