Baker Mayfield is undefeated as the quarterback of the Cleveland Browns.

The Browns are now on track to go 14-1-1 and be the top seed entering the playoffs before beating New England in the AFC Championship game and going on to blow out Green Bay in the Super Bowl.

I honestly have no idea why the NFL is even going to continue the season when the outcome is so obvious.

Cleveland in the Super Bowl is such a lock that it makes Alabama in the college football playoff look like a long shot.

The guy still hasn't thrown a pass for a touchdown in the NFL. In the most Baker Mayfield-esque news ever, he caught a pass for points before he threw one. 

Mayfield's opening scene in the NFL was as good as you could imagine. He was elusive, accurate and he won. No surprise on any of those fronts. 

It might be a little early to buy Cleveland Browns 2019 Super Bowl Champion tee shirts, but he looked better than most guys in their first games in the league. 

The win was huge for Cleveland. The Browns were an embarrassment last year. But the win was bigger for the NFL. For the first time in years, a Thursday night game was worth watching.

Those games throw off teams' schedules and you can usually see it in the quality of the play. They don't have enough time to heal or prepare as normal. The game is in prime time but it rarely gets prime time ratings.

Mayfield delivered that too. I think they should just play every Browns' game on Thursday night and take advantage of the momentum. Dallas and Detroit play on Thanksgiving. Cleveland can be the host of Thursday night football.

Everyone has a take on Mayfield's performance. He is the consummate lightning rod. People love him or hate him. Except for Collin Cowherd. He fake hates him. 

Cowherd's beef with Mayfield was the first time Cowherd had been relevant or interesting for years. There are plenty of yokels giving their "hot takes" every day. He is one of many and he doesn't typically make news.

Mayfield changed that for him when he went on Cowherd's show to challenge the claims being made about him. Last night after the game, Mayfield was asked about Cowherd. They have become a mis-matched pair.

Because of that, Cowherd and Jason McIntyre decided to find the problem in Mayfield's first night under the brightest lights. McIntyre nailed it.

Mayfield had his phone in his hand after the game.

The assumption is that Mayfield was on Twitter and Instagram checking his mentions after the game instead of messaging friends and old coaching, many of whom reached out to him publicly as the game ended.

I think McIntyre and Cowherd might have been projecting a bit. Mayfield has plenty of time to check his mentions. He was celebrating and I bet his phone was blowing up.

For a rookie quarterback in the NFL, if the worst thing a naysayer can come up with after your first game is that you were on your phone too quickly after the game ended, you would have to call that a success.

The Browns might not win another game all year. The Jets aren't great, but Cleveland did spot them 14 points before Mayfield got his chance. If Cleveland goes 4-11-1 after a year at 0-16, that's a big step in the right direction. If they lose, it won't likely be because their rookie quarterback cost them the game, unless of course he gets on his phone too quickly. 

A lot of Hall of Fame quarterbacks have had awful first games and some awful quarterbacks looked good their first time out. Luckily, they have 13 more games this year and if Hue Jackson doesn't do something stupid - which is always a possibility - they can get a better long term forecast of what Mayfield will do in the NFL.

But for one glorious night, Mayfield made Thursday night football interesting and gave us all a reason to care about the Browns. How much more can one man do?