I feel like I am watching the game show "Wipeout" and everyone in Oklahoma is getting ready to get destroyed jumping from one big red ball to the next.

It was a tough weekend for Oklahoma sports fans. Both major college football teams gave up 48 points in bad losses. 

The Sooners scored 45 points in a loss to their Red River Rival. Giving up the most points to Texas in the history of the rivalry was apparently so bad that it cost the team its defensive coordinator. Sooner fans - who for years wanted Mike Stoops to be fired for giving up 59 points in a win to Texas Tech or giving up more than 50 points to an SEC team in the college football playoffs - now pretend to feel bad because the guy who was part of the team's last national title and the brother of a legendary coach has been fired. 

Look, unless he is a crackhead with a gambling problem, he still has plenty of cash to last until he finds his next job making 20 times more than most Sooner fans. It was going the wrong direction and hadn't improved for years. You can appreciate someone and still need to move on and try to make improvements. Anyway, I'm sure his brand new contract extension included buyout that will pay him more than most college head coaches make while he sits at home and watches Andy Griffith Show reruns. 

Oklahoma State wasn't any better. The Cowboys lost to Iowa State at home for the first time since Y2K - and Iowa State scored 48 points even though the Cyclones didn't even have their best offensive weapon. It's so bad in Stillwater that starters are leaving the team to seek greener pastures instead of bigger jumbotrons.

The only redemption from the entire weekend was Baker Mayfield leading the Browns to a win on a Sunday for the first time since 2015.

The big joke around college football circles in the state is how happy everyone is that the Oklahoma City Thunder season is about to start.

I'm not sure the Thunder are going to be the cure for Oklahoma sports fans' frustrations this year.

Don't take this wrong, I love the Thunder - not as much as my 11-year-old does - but the NBA puts on a good show. 

The Thunder are anything but full strength. Paul George staying in Oklahoma City was a big deal for the Thunder. The addition of Dennis Schroder will help, but Andre Roberson just suffered a setback as he tries to return from a ruptured patellar tendon he suffered last year. Now, he is hoping to beat Santa Claus back into the lineup. That hurts, but fans still don't know how badly hurt Russell Westbrook was when he "decided" to have knee surgery and miss at least the preseason and probably a few early games.

Even at full strength for part of the season and without Roberson at the end of last year, the Thunder lost in the first round of the playoffs. 

I don't see how they significantly improved their chances to win it all this year.

Yes, the Sooners' defense is probably going to be the primary reason Oklahoma doesn't win the Big 12 this year and a mid-level bowl bid seems likely. Who doesn't love San Antonio in December?

Oklahoma State is struggling on defense and their offense can't score enough to compete with other Big 12 playmakers. The Cowboys need to figure things out.

The main advantage the Thunder have is that one loss doesn't erase all hope for the season. 

That's a good thing, because it looks like the Thunder will lose several waiting to get all the starters back in place. 

If OU and OSU cause you frustration, I'm not sure a big dose of OKC is the cure for what ails you.