A swift-moving line of thunderstorms with rotations and possible brief tornado touch-downs moved swiftly through the Tri-County area Tuesday morning, and some damage reports are coming in.

Some damage has been reported at the FireLake Ball Fields on Hardesty Road, where storm clean-up is expected to begin right away.

Tornado precautions were taken at local schools and OBU as meteorologists advised possible small tornado touchdowns could occur from the same storms that did similar damage while passing through the Oklahoma City and Midwest City areas.

Tornado warnings were issued for a time in both Pottawatomie and Lincoln Counties.

One tornado warning included Prague, where there were damage reports at the John Deere dealership, including an overturned vehicle.

The News-Star is also checking with Emergency Management to see if any other storm reports are coming in.

If you have any storm-related photos you'd like to share, please email them to: newsroom@news-star.com