When Green Day wrote 'Wake Me Up When September Ends,' it's safe to say they weren't singing about a sports writer.

Since the end of August I've spent every waking hour, and some sleeping hours, at the News-Star.

We are a small staff here, and luckily Kent likes to cover sports or I would never leave. I find a way to stick around even after he tells me to take a day off.

We do get Fred Fehr to help out on occasion. How he makes a story out of a pile of papers and a black duffle bag, I'll never understand. I need to figure out that recipe.

I love competition.

Watching others compete is great too.

The passion that our athletes play with makes it easier to work a 16-hour day. It might be Koalton Keller pacing up and down the sidelines before he throws a touchdown to take the lead against rival Harrah, or Scout Cawvey defying gravity and catching touchdowns. Then there's Sara Lock and first base coach JD Widner celebrating after the Lady Pirates took a lead late in the state championship.

With that said, if I never hear 'Baby Shark' again, I won't complain.

Covering a state championship was a great experience.

The Dale Lady Pirates mowed down just about every opponent they faced and when the chips were down came through in the clutch to win back-to-back titles. Their enthusiasm throughout the season is contagious and winning never gets old for them.

For a team that is used to being in the title game, they seemed to enjoy every moment. And when they won, again, this championship excited them just as much as the first.

I got spoiled covering Lady Pirate games as most ended after the fourth inning. When I wasn't in Dale, America, covering a seven inning game felt like an eternity.

With a few weeks left in the football season, I've enjoyed covering Shawnee's transition to 6A. After starting 0-3 the two district wins were fun to watch. Let's hope they can rebound the next few weeks and sneak in the playoffs.

With the fall season winding down, I'm looking forward to basketball season.

Not only will I have a few more days during the week to work on feature stories, but I'm stoked about all the hospitality rooms.