Shawnee police are part of an investigation looking for suspects making withdrawals from other people's bank accounts at First United Bank.

Detective Jason Crouch said security video from the ATM's at both local branches provided images of suspects in the case, who were in a Ford minivan.

As part of this case, Crouch said there have been between 20 to 30 reports made in which people’s account information was compromised and then used to make withdrawals.

While none of the reported victims so far are reported to be from Shawnee, Crouch said, there are victims from the Newalla, Norman and McLoud areas.

The common store that all of these people used before their information was compromised was the Stella Store at 149th and Peebly Road in Oklahoma City, he said. Police in the Oklahoma City are investigating that side of the case while Shawnee police work the angle from the local ATM withdrawals.