For a nation to be ‘blessed’ it must result in the nation being improved materially and physically. Research by the World Bank on this matter showed nations have three forms of wealth i.e., natural resources, produced capital, and the largest form, intangible capital.’ [1]

For a nation to be ‘blessed’ it must result in the nation being improved materially and physically. Research by the World Bank on this matter showed nations have three forms of wealth i.e., natural resources, produced capital, and the largest form, intangible capital.’ [1]

The ten wealthiest countries [per capita] worldwide are: Switzerland, Denmark, U.S., Germany, Japan, Austria, Norway, France, Belgium-Luxembourg. Are part of Western Civilization and founded on Judeo-Christian persons and principles. [Japan was forcibly opened to the West and adopted Western ways of government and industry.] In low-income countries, only 50% of total wealth is from intangible capital and 41% from natural resources e.g., oil countries like Nigeria and Venezuela.

Intangible capital is the largest form of wealth [84%-86%] in all these countries provides 84-86% of their total wealth with the exception of Norway where oil [natural resources] provides 12%. It includes human capital, the skills and know-how embodied in the labor force.

The most basic of human capital is the average years of education for the population or the labor force. High levels of education explain high levels of output. Primary education produces the highest returns in low-income countries. The first four years of life add more value to national wealth. It is these years when Jewish mothers have blessed themselves and the world with their child-rearing practices.

For God’s promise to be forever Abram would have to found a people that would be around worldwide in positions of influence. For that to happen they had to adopt certain practices to insure their survival and superior abilities in spite of being forced by persecution even genocide to live all over the world. Hence, it is crucial to begin with the family to explain how they have been blessing mankind forever. Hence, they were given instructions to keep them intact as a people and intellectually and economically viable for millennia.

Jewish Intellectual Habits

Jewish survival, superior intellect, skills, and intellectual preparedness for today’s occupations requiring knowledge skills are because of Jewish Mothers. God used the Jews as a “pilot scheme for all humanity.” [2] Jews tried assimilation as a strategy of national survival only for the nations of Western Europe to persecute them and participate in the ‘final solution’ i.e., of Hitler’s holocaust, genocide. Practically speaking, assimilation would end them as a distinctive people group because children would cease to be born and raised by Jewish mothers as the definition requires. They are as patriotic as any people group wherever they live, but their tendency to marry each other is integral to their survival.

Although Jews make up less than 1% of the world’s population, 170 of 850 Nobel Prize winners, 21% of Ivy League students, 37% of Academy Award-winning directors and 51% of Pulitzer Prize winners for non-fiction. The host nations of these high achievers were ‘blessed.’

Germany welcomed Jews until after WWII. who shared many intellectual habits. This was the theme Max Weber’ seminal work which became the founding text in economic sociology and sociology in general. German Jews were workaholics, hurrying men. [3] The habit of constant occupation, instilled by his mother, made rest intolerable to him. “ [3]

Gifts of the Jews

Even the most ardent Bible reader hurries through the five chapters of sanitation laws [Leviticus 11-15.] Those practices gave Jewish mothers survival in child birth and their people health and longevity millennia before scientists like Lister and Pasteur discovered disease-causing bacteria. The dramatic decline of infant mortality is arguably the most salient feature of human progress over the last 150 years, and Jews led all others in reducing it. Ancient Jews did not understand WHY cleanliness prevented disease and killed so many in surgery and childbirth [gangrene , puerperal fever, etc], but practicing the Biblical precepts in those five chapters helped preserve them and nations who followed their example.

The Jewish Exodus involved camp living for hundreds of years so God gave them lessons in sanitation to help them live safely on the move in such close quarters. These practices were particularly applicable to wartime conditions especially experiencing frequent wounds.

Unfortunately, Joseph Lister’s discovery of antiseptic technique in childbirth and surgery happened before it could be used in Lister’s techniques would have prevented most deaths from infection in the Civil War. Until the Vietnam War, more American soldiers died in the Civil War than all other wars combined. Of the 624,511 total death, 388,580 were from disease [62%.]

Each person in the Exodus carried a spike to dig a hole in the ground OUTside the camp to cover his excrement. [Deut.23:12] Their ancient sanitary practices would have prevented thousands of deaths in Andersonville , the Confederate POW camp . Until modern times much human waste in Europe was simply dumped in the street causing untold disease. The world cold could have “blessed”by Jewish sanitation practices had they been followed.

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