By now all of you who didn't sign up for the Bren Poe Chicken Foot Domino Tournament are aware of the fun time that you missed last week and are wondering, “How can I learn to play Chicken Foot Dominoes for the next tournament?”

By now all of you who didn’t sign up for the Bren Poe Chicken Foot Domino Tournament are aware of the fun time that you missed last week and are wondering, “How can I learn to play Chicken Foot Dominoes for the next tournament?”

Well, never fear because center staff is already working on setting up a Dominos date and time for the next Chicken Foot Domino Fun Afternoon. Stay tuned for more information! Newly scheduled dates are Nov. 7 and 22, Wednesdays in November, and continuing on the second and fourth Wednesday of each following month.

Now I’m sure that there are still some people out there who have not been to one of the center’s Health Fair Bonanzas. Well, that is not a problem because you can check out the next one at the Heart, Mind Body and Soul Health and Wellness Fair, which will be Friday, Nov. 2.

Just in case you have not been to one, or just to remind you in case you have forgotten, this has become a yearly event for the Shawnee Senior Center. Kate Joyce, the center’s cruise/executive director, wants to remind everyone that becoming a happy human being is enabled by your participation in living a happy, healthy life and remaining active and involved with your surroundings.

The health and wellness fair brings together many things that are part of the changes in everyone’s life as they age.

For seniors, downsizing may be a personal decision that means a change in living conditions; moving to a smaller home or a retirement facility or even, perhaps, checking out assisted living possibilities.

As we age, the need for thinking about serious legal changes that may need to be considered is also something all of us may think about but always as a future possibility. Perhaps now is the time to check out your will (make sure it’s current and up to date) or update those legal decisions, like any changes to your funeral arrangements or legacy planning.

But this fair is not just for checking out any of your end-of-life changes, you also need to see how you are handling the present.

If you have retired, or just reduced your working hours as many of us have, what are you doing with your spare time? Check out the different things you can do to help yourself and, perhaps, others with that free time. There are classes and hobby groups not only in the center but out in the public domain. Check it out!

How about spending some of that spare time not in front of your TV but volunteering with a hospice group or a civic organization that needs people to help with programs for adults or children? Enjoy the good feeling you will get when you spend time bringing a smile to others. Volunteers Impacting People (otherwise known as VIP) is always looking for volunteers for Meals on Wheels or some of their other programs.

Now the work that goes into putting on a program like this health fair is not a week or two “throw it together” type deal. Program Coordinator Valorie Martin started working on the fair in the last week of June. Getting the names of businesses and groups that would be useful to senior citizens and their families is a pretty big endeavor, and she is in the last stages now of pulling it all together. Val has gotten over 30 organizations of all types to join in and be a part of the fair, and more are responding as I type this.

Val has managed to have hospice organizations available, eye and ear clinics are represented, and Dignity is available for questions concerning final life arrangements that you might have. The city of Shawnee will have a booth to let you know how they are working to make Shawnee an even better place to live. The Ruby Ribbon clothing people will be here once again with easy fits for ladies with hard garment conditions. Oklahoma Relay is a telephone resource for those with hearing problems; there are several agencies geared to helping households needing assistance with shopping, cleaning and personal services.

By this time I am sure that you have the same thought that I have right now, and it was expressed perfectly by Valorie when I spoke with her. Val said that the fair is for everyone. Not just those of us who are senior citizens or the families of senior citizens. It’s for everyone! The 30 some businesses and organizations that are represented in this group have information that will benefit all of us no matter how old you are.

Now because I love this part of going to the fair – grab a bag as you come in (or bring your own) because here is the place to get all those neat little purse or pocket items that you can never have enough of while you are chatting with the people at the tables. The entire senior center will be covered with tables and people you will want to see.

Several people have mentioned to me that they like the fact that I always have some kind of fun view of something in these columns. Well, those little bags are my “fun thing.” I love getting all the “freebee” stuff. Look for me, I will have the big full bag. I hope you enjoy the fair as much as I know I will.

Remember that Kate Joyce will be once again visiting with Mike Askins on Wednesday morning at 8:35 on KGFF (FM100.9 or AM 1450) with updates on what’s happening at the Shawnee Senior Center.

The website is, and the Facebook page is Shawnee Senior Center. Activities and meals are listed on the website, or you can come into the center and pick up a calendar with everything scheduled at the center on one side and what’s on the menu for meals on the other.

And, as always, see you at the center!