I finally figured out why Republicans were so willing to believe women would make false allegations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

It was projection.

Some of the biggest conspiracy theorists on the right side of the political spectrum appear to have created a ruse trying to discredit Robert Mueller and thus, his investigation. Alas, stupidity has won the day.

Trump fanboy Jacob Wohl - notorious for being a hedge fund manager banned from trading in futures for fraudulent activities - is accused of helping hatch the story and the plot to get Mueller. Unfortunately, he even used his own photo as one of the employees of a make-believe company called Surefire Intelligence.

He was found to have used his own email in creating contacts for the company and reports say phone calls were forwarded to an inbox owned by his own mother.

That's crazy, right? Some of the same people who pushed the infamous pizzagate scandal began trumpeting a big press conference this week to announce accusations against Mueller.

But before their crazy plan could leave the launching pad, they were found out. It will be interesting to see how many criminal conspiracy and obstruction of justice charges come from this ridiculous ploy.

These are the people who support President Donald Trump and his claims that real journalists are peddling fake news. Unfortunately for them, the real journalists are going to be reporting about their attempts to push a fake crime in their own fake news.

Like an Ouroboros, the circle is now complete.

President appeals to his debased

As the election draws near, President Trump is once again reverting to his darkest instincts. First, he made up some idea about a middle class tax cut that won't be happening. Then he began attacking a caravan of asylum seekers and threatens to bring the full force of the United States military against these people. He alleges that there may even be some middle easterners in the caravan. Now, he is going to repeal the entire 14th Amendment with an executive order so that there is no more birthright citizenship.

Every executive order signed by President Barack Obama made Republicans apoplectic. But if Trump can sign one that keeps brown-skinned people out of their neighborhoods, they're fine with repealing the 14th Amendment. All of the fiscal responsibility, moral high ground and constitutional law was just talk.

Paul Ryan, who cared about fiscal responsibility under Obama but has overseen a branch of Congress while the federal deficit and debt climbed to new highs, missed the meeting when Republicans decided the constitution didn't matter anymore. While they are willing to hold strict constructionist views on an amendment written by men who used muskets when it comes to AR-15s and AK-47s, suddenly they want to start reinterpreting the 14th Amendment and its guarantee of birthright citizenship.

President Trump mentioned Speaker of the House Ryan by name Wednesday in a tweet, "Paul Ryan should be focusing on holding the Majority rather than giving his opinions on Birthright Citizenship, something he knows nothing about! Our new Republican Majority will work on this, Closing the Immigration Loopholes and Securing our Border!"

"New" Republican majority? Does Trump not realize that Republicans control every facet of the federal government? Someone should really tell him. Maybe they could get Brian Kilmeade to say it on FOX and Friends so he would see it.

I know Trump has no idea how bills become law, tax cuts pass, or what is in the Constitution, but you can't repeal an amendment by executive order even with his new justices on the bench. You would be more likely to get "the purge" codified than repeal birthright citizenship.

It always amazes me that the people who hire and take advantage of the most illegal immigrants are the most racist and hateful toward those people who help make them rich.

Just in case Americans didn't quake with fear over a few thousand people walking for a few months across Mexico seeking asylum in the United States, Trump tries to stoke fears by saying there are gang members and middle easterners in the group?

Really? How stupid do you have to be to believe this?

If you were a gangster, don't you think you would have enough money to be able to avoid walking for three months across the Mexican landscape with a bunch of families with children? I don't see many gangsters signing up for that.

And middle easterners?

Do you really believe a terrorist would have the desire to walk with this caravan? How many 9/11 attackers came to America that way?

Trump and his lackeys who should know and do better are wasting millions of dollars and way too much time deploying thousands of troops to the border to be security guards. He said today he could double or triple the forces at the border.

You know it is nothing but race-baiting fear mongering before an election because that would be the same number of troops that are in Afghanistan and Iraq and I know there are gangsters and middle easterners there.

Trump appeals to the worst of humanity. Even as a Republican, I hope the election goes very badly for him and new members of Congress will hold him and his administration accountable for the awful things they are doing in the name of this once great party.