“We are Honored to present Charles N Clark Kiktode, at Elements Coffee Shop, in his first solo show,” said Douglas Gordon of Studio112 and a Half. “We have been following Kiktode for several years and waiting for him to have his ‘Mundus Delenimentis- The World Unhinged’ collection completed and ready to show.”

Picasso called art a weapon of war. Clark also believes in that concept. He says it’s “A mobilization to bring human suffering and tragedy to light.”

Clark says, “Art has always played a relevant part in our modern world and more so in our darkest hours. Our world moves fast with news of horrid incidents, violence and suffering, oftentimes overwhelming our senses. However, before we have time to absorb it, another wave comes through. Art allows people to stop, take pause and think about what is happening.”

“Clark could have chosen to premiere his collection at a bigger gallery in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, or in another state, but he wanted it to first be shown and appreciated in his hometown of Shawnee; We are happy that he chose to premiere it in Studio112 and a Half at Elements Coffee Shop”, say Bob Wendland and Brad Curtis, owners of Elements Shawnee.

Clark says, “My work has the prospective for attracting a lot of attention. The potential to foster a new reawakening in the art world, especially coming from a small town, would prove that one does not need to live or do business in a metropolis to have a say about the world we live in. The notion that art is to be landlocked in larger cities is absurd. Smaller communities are just as capable to lead the way. People’s perception of art is the same everywhere, a cosmopolitan without borders or restrictions. The same can also be said for denunciation. Censorship too, has no borders.

An artist Opening Reception, for Charles Clark Kiktode will be held on Saturday, November 10, between 6 and 9 p.m. Elements Shawnee, 911 E MacArthur St Ste 101,74804 Shawnee. Stop by and meet the Kiktode and discuss his visions and art work. ‘Mundus Delenimentis- The World Unhinged’ will be on display and for sale at Elements Shawnee during the month of November.

Studio 112 and a Half has shown over 80 established and emerging artists in their monthly art shows in Shawnee since October 1, 2016. They also provided facilities for people to go to and create art in and attend art classes.

The Gordons would also like to encourage people to visit and become active participants in other Shawnee and Tecumseh art venues and businesses. On their Facebook page they are promoting The Mabee Gerrer Museum of Art,The Arts at 317, and Coffee N Crafts in Shawnee as well as ‘Make It Yours LLC’ in Tecumseh.