Pottawatomie County 4-H members look forward to the annual 4-H Achievement Banquet every year. This is a time set aside for the accomplishments and achievements of the 4-H members to be recognized. Below are the highlights of the banquet:

Banquet Sponsor:  Shawnee Kiwanis

State Leadership:

            State 4-H Ambassadors: Hadley Griffith, Shawnee 4-H

                                                        Kyleigh Merrick, Dale 4-H

                                                        Morley Griffith, Shawnee 4-H

Medal Winners:

Bethel 4-H:      Alexandra BigEagle   Community Service

Cayden Carpenter      Robotics

Corban Winsett           Community Service

Gavin Lynch                Robotics and Beef

Kylie Nunneley            Public Speaking

Olivia Stinnett Childcare and Community Service

Ramzie Lynch             Beef

Isaac Stinnett Robotics

Mylee Modlin   Public Speaking and Horse

Corley Steward           Robotics and Beef

Dale 4-H:         Emma Collins Cats and Community Service

Kyleigh Merrick           Swine and Photography

Josey Moore   Swine and Family & Consumer Sciences

Poplyn Robinson        Sheep

Andrew Collins            Public Speaking

Shawnee 4-H: Hadley Griffith- Safety and Physical Science

                                    Morley Griffith- Leadership and Beef

Tecumseh 4-H:           Jenny Branson            Beef

Taylor Marrs                Leadership

Addison Brown           Beef

Katelyn Fleming          Leadership and Beef

Terah Garcia   Beef and Community Service

Isabell Garcia Community Service

Kimberly Holland        Beef

Chloe Kelsey   Beef and Community Service

Eliana Mado    Beef     Community Service

Jocelyn Phelps           Community Service and Beef

McKenna Phelps        Community Service    and Beef

Reese Phelps Community Service    and Beef

Rayston Utter Beef

Riley Utter                   Community Service

Rylee Williams            Beef

Round Robin Club Winner:  Bethel 4-H

Farm Bureau Awards:

In the 3rd grade:

1st place Corbin Marlow of Bethel

In the 4th grade:

1st place Andrew Collins of Dale

In the 5th grade:

2nd place Kylie Nunneley of Bethel

1st place Taylor Marrs of Tecumseh

In the 6th grade:

1st place Emma Collins of Dale

In the 7th grade:

1st place  Morley Griffith of Dale

In the 10th grade:

1st place Jasmine Bennett of Bethel

In the 11th grade:

1st place Hadley Griffith of Shawnee

The Reserve Grand Champion Overall goes to Corbin Marlow-Bethel 4-H

The Overall Grand Champion was Taylor Marrs- Tecumseh 4-H

Record Book Awards:

In the 3rd grade:

2nd place Isaac Stinnett of Bethel.

1st place Kimberly Holland of Tecumseh.

In the 4th grade:

3rd place Andrew Collins of Dale

2nd place Gavin Lynch of Bethel

1st place Cayden Carpenter of Bethel.

In the 5th grade:

6th place Mylee Modlin of Bethel

5th place Poplyn Robinson of Dale

4th place Megyn Alls of McLoud

3rd place Corban Winsett of Bethel

2nd place Kylie Nunneley of Bethel

1st place Taylor Marrs of Tecumseh

In the 6th Grade:

1st place Emma Collins of Dale

In the 7th grade:

3rd place Colton Ingersoll of Bethel

2nd place Olivia Stinnett of Bethel

1st place Ramzie Lynch of Bethel

In the 9th grade:

2nd place Konner Ingersoll of Bethel

1st place Kyleigh Merrick of Dale

In the 11th grade:

3rd place Josey Moore of Dale

2nd place Sarah Armitage of Dale

1st place Hadley Griffith of Shawnee

State Record Book Awards:

Sarah Armitage- Beef

Hadley Griffith- Blue Award Group, Top 10 Oklahoma 4-H Hall of Fame

County Leadership Team 2017-2018

Ambassador                          Emma Collins

Members at Large                Blaine Cope and Kyleigh Merrick

Recreation Leader               Morley Griffith

Reporter                                 Josey Moore

Secretary                               Seth Jackson

Vice-President                      Kiara Foster

President                               Hadley Griffith

County Officer Team 2018-2019:

Junior Representative             Emma Collins and Corban Winsett

Members at Large                  Konner Ingersoll

Recreation Leader                  Taylor Marrs

Reporter                                  Kyleigh Merrick

Secretary                                Chloe Kelsey

Vice-President            Morley Griffith

President                                 Josey Moore

Kiwanis Citizenship Awards:

Kyleigh Merrick-Dale 4-H                     Alexandra BigEagle-Bethel 4-H

Special Awards:

Citizenship Washington Focus Trip: Kyleigh Merrick- Dale 4-H

Denver Western Roundup: Josey Moore-Dale 4-H

Top 1st year members: Kimberly Holland-Tecumseh 4-H and Isaac Stinnett-Bethel 4-H

Top Junior 4-H Members: Taylor Marrs-Tecumseh 4-H, Emma Collins-Dale 4-H, and Kylie Nunneley-Bethel 4-H

Top Senior 4-H Members: Kyleigh Merrick-Dale 4-H

Emerald Award: Josh Grundmann

Hall of Fame: Kyleigh Merrick-Dale 4-H