Shawnee's swimmers took on the three Moore schools at the Troy and Dollie Smith Family YMCA Thursday.

Both the Wolves and Lady Wolves won the meet wasn't close. Shawnee swimmers won almost every race.

Isabel Webb, Savannah Smith, Leticia Cervantes, and Jordyn Sateren and won the 200-Yard Medley relay with a time 10 seconds faster than the next team.

In the girls 200Y freestyle, Aspen Chapline and Madeline Motley took the took two spots with Kadyn Drummond coming in fourth.

Cervantes won the 200Y individual medley with a time that was 15 seconds ahead of her nearest competitor.

Webb and Sateren took first and second in the 50Y freestyle and Kaitlyn Prince took fifth.

Cervantez also won the 100Y butterfly with Breeanna Lee taking second. 

Shawnee also had two of the top four in the 100Y freestyle. Sateren won the race by less than half a second. Motley took fourth.

Lee and Drummond also took the top two spots in the 500Y freestyle. 

The Lady Wolves even took first and third in the 200Y freestyle relay. The team of Cervantes, Motley, Webb and Sateren took first and Blair Brock, Mackenzie McDaniel, Prince and Drummond took third.

In the 100Y backstroke, Webb and Chapline took first and fourth. In the 100Y breaststroke, Smith and Brock also took first and fourth.

In the final event, the Lady Wolves took first and third in the 400Y freestyle relay. Motley, Lee, Smith and Chapline took first and the team of Drummond, Prince, Brock and Courtney Field took third.

The Lady Wolves won the team points total with 408 points to 305 for Westmoore. Moore took third with 221 and Southmoore collected 78 points.

The Wolves also won the team competition with 400 points. Moore took second with 220 and Westmoore and Moore had 165 and 108 respectively.

The Wolves won the 200Y medley relay by 20 seconds. The team of Trent Ogden, Kiergan Gibson, Josh Coons, and Brodie Morris won easily.

Morris, Bryce Holter and Austin Smallwood took second, third and fourth  in the 200Y freestyle.

Coons beat Gibson by a quarter of a second in the 200Y individual medley as the Wolves took first and second.

In the 50Y freestyle, Ogden won easily with Austin Wiewell coming in second. Troy Rakestraw came in fourth in a big field of swimmers.

In the 100Y Butterfly, Coons and Ryan Staal came in second and third. Shawnee took second third and fourth in the 100Y freestyle. Morris came in second ahead of Wiewel and Rakestraw. Easton Thompson came in eighth in that race.

Holter and Namer Holbert took the top two spots in the 500Y freestyle.

Shawnee swimmers took first and third in the 200Y freestyle relay. The team of Ogden, Wiewel, Gibson and Morris took first. Rakestraw, Staal, Smallwood and Holbert took third.

Shawnee took the top three spots in the 100Y backstroke. Ogden won the race by 12 seconds ahead of Staal and Smallwood. 

Gibson won the 100Y breaststroke by four seconds over two swimmers from Moore.

The Wolves relay swimmers also took first and third in the 400Y freestyle.

Coons, Rakestraw, Staal and Wiewel got the win. Smallwood, Holter, Matthew Swedberg and Holbert took third.