It's the season for holiday fun and shopping, so police are offering tips to help residents avoid becoming victims of crime when they're out and about or at home.

Police said being aware and using common sense is just part of the equation.

Tecumseh Police Chief J.R. Kidney said first and foremost, police have been seeing an increase in car burglaries and vehicle thefts, prompting him to remind motorists to be cautious when warming their vehicles this winter.

“Secure them... don't leave them vulnerable for someone to bust a window,” and steal the car, Kidney said. While some newer models have key fobs that will disable the car without it, they have still seen an increase in vehicles being stolen that is preventable.

And while many will be out shopping for the holiday season, being aware of surroundings is the key, he said, suggesting shoppers park in areas with plenty of light.

“And if you see something suspicious...don't be afraid to ask someone from the store to walk you out,” he said.

Shawnee Police Cpl. Vivian Lozano-Stafford said if you feel unsafe or feel someone is following you, stay in public place and call 911.

And when walking to a vehicle, going in groups is always best, but Kidney reminds motorists to remember to have their car remotes with panic buttons handy.

“It can draw attention and maybe scare somebody aware,” he said.

Other common sense tips are locking vehicles and not leaving presents or valuable items in plain view, which is an invitation to a thief.

And when you get to your home to begin unloading things you've purchased, keep and eye out for anyone watching to see the valuables you're taking inside.

“Don't advertise what you're shopping for,” he said.

That's also hold true for after the holidays, he said, as discard trash, such as TV boxes left at curbside for pickup, can be an invitation to a home burglary.

And if you're expecting deliveries, make sure someone is there so items aren't left on a porch, he added.