As someone who has worked in management for almost 25 years, I want to thank the Big 12 human resources department for finally showing inclusiveness and tolerance of a minority group that has proven it needs protection from bullies its members encounter in the workplace - in this case, a football field.

For years, hateful and bigoted football players have flashed the "horns down" hand sign when scoring touchdown after touchdown on the burnt orange bovines.

That's just wrong. First, their record is hurt and now their feelings are hurt.

Thankfully, the Big 12 stepped up to protect the sensitive snowflakes from further harm.

I have a great suggestion for the league. They need to truly make any cow mascots a protected class. I borrowed a few paragraphs from our company's handbook and made some adjustments to help in this situation.

The new rules could be amended to include:

Types of Harassment

Other types of harassment on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, poor choice in college football teams, age, national origin or ancestry, unexplained ability to cheer for a team with ugly uniforms, physical or mental disability (this is to be assumed), sexual orientation, political views and any other basis protected by Federal, State and/or Local laws, whether committed by supervisors, employees and/or cheerleaders, the band, or small children, is prohibited by Big 12 Officials and includes, but is not limited to:

(a)  Verbal conduct, such as threats, derogatory comments or slurs;

(b)  Visual conduct, such as derogatory posters, photographs, or cartoons;

(c)  Physical conduct, such as assault, unwanted touching; and/or making a hand gesture which has been ubiquitous for generations.

We have to do something now or these poor young players, their coaches and fans will suffer lasting emotional damage. Honestly, haven't they suffered enough?

Sure Texas players, band and coaches flash the Hook 'em Horns hand sign more often than the OU band plays Boomer Sooner. But somehow, horns down has been deemed by league officials to be offensive and worthy of a 15-yard penalty.

Fortunately for the Oklahoma players and coaches, with the state of officiating in the Big 12, you know the referees are going to blow that call too.

I don't care if you flash hand signs or dance after touchdowns or play rock, paper, scissors on the sidelines, the Sooners better take care of business on the scoreboard.

It was bad enough losing to these overly coddled whiners once this year. I don't want to see the Longhorns celebrating again.