December is here and that means Christmas is just around the corner. And because it's almost Christmas I had a chat with Ms. Kate (you remember her, she's the center's cruise director) and we came up with a great idea.

Good morning!

December is here and that means Christmas is just around the corner. And because it’s almost Christmas I had a chat with Ms. Kate (you remember her, she’s the center’s cruise director) and we came up with a great idea. Since Christmas is a great time for buying and receiving new things that everyone in your family would like, we thought you just might want to find a place for some of those items you are replacing. So, we had this thought. I asked everyone who works at the senior center to think of something to put on a “wish list” that would make their working life easier or more efficient (or maybe even more fun).

So, here is the list by person and their explanation on why they would like what they asked for.

Beth, Enhance Fitness Instructor: They have some 1, 2, 3, and 5 pound weights for fitness classes. They need more. They also have music CDs that they exercise with and she would like a lap top to play them on.

Sharon, TaiChi Instructor: She agrees with Beth about the weights but, she says she has some big guys in her class and they would like some seven and a half and ten pound weights and the center has none of those two sizes. And, if there are no lap tops out there that need a home she would welcome a CD player for the music they need to “move” too. More TaiChi CDs would be welcome, too!

Bobbie Jean, Cook: She knows exactly what she would like. A kitchen Aid mixer (preferably with a 4.0 motor) that’s big enough to mix a double batch of biscuits (or cookies) without overheating. Any other little helpful kitchen items are always needed.

Johnna, Environmental Specialist: (Hint: she’s the one who makes sure everything is neat and clean). She was very specific in what she wanted and that’s a Silver Hoover Steam Vacuum Carpet Washer that’s 12amps. Right now she’s using her personal carpet cleaner to get rid of those spots on the floor and if she gets one at the center she can then take hers home. But, just in case she doesn’t get her carpet shampooer she does also have a need for a new mop bucket (a commercial one) with a mop wringer and she could use a couple new mops.

Valorie, Program Coordinator: If you’ve seen the commercial for the standup desk that shows a person removing it from the box, unfolding the desk top and then setting it on their desk, you have already seen what Val’s request is for. A desk she can stand up at and still work on her computer. She did have one other request but I can’t put it on this list. If you’re interested in knowing what it was, come ask me!

Kate, Cruise/Executive Director: She has been trying to get the same number one request on her Christmas list for the center since I’ve been there (and that’s three years now) and it’s still Number One on her list. New flooring for the carpeted areas of the center. It’s expensive but really needs to be replaced.

Bobbi G: I would like to see everyone on the list get what they need to make their job easier and to make the Shawnee Senior Center even more enjoyable for everyone who visits. Come in grouchy, go out smiling….that’s always my goal.

I know that a lot of the things on this “Employee Wish List for the Center” are expensive and most of us cannot afford to buy them. But if you are replacing something with a newer or bigger model, remember the senior center would love to have your working “old one.” We will, however, certainly accept your monetary contribution, whether it be $1 or $10,000 dollars or any amount in between and around!

If you have something on this list and you are looking for a new home for it, we want it! We’ll take it! We’ll use it!

If you have something that’s not on this list, give us a call, tell us what it is and let Kate make the decision as to whether we can utilize it or not.

Thank you for anything and everything that you all do for our Shawnee Senior Center. We strive every day to make time spent at the venter enjoyable for all who visit here.

And while you’re visiting pick up a calendar. Check out the menu on the back side and say “Hi” to the person at the front desk. Remember that Kate Joyce always chats with Mike Askins on “Mike in the Morning” (KGFF Radio FM100.9 or AM1450) every Wednesday morning at 8:35. They always have information about new things coming up at the Center.

Check out the center’s website at and the Facebook page at Shawnee Senior Center, and remember that at the center “age is just a number.”

And, as always, see you at the center!