Who is this woman?

I spent two days of the Thanksgiving weekend talking sports with my older sister. Even when her son was winning a state championship in baseball in 2002, she only cared about sports as far they affected her son.

In 1985, another time that Oklahoma was trying to earn it way into a contest for the national football championship, she showed how much she didn't care.

The prior years had sen Southern Methodist University have success with Eric Dickerson and Craig James as the Pony Express. Later, it was learned that the team was able to recruit so well because there was a slush fund maintained for the sole purpose of paying players and their families to entice them to choose the Mustangs.

Southern Methodist could have been a national champion in 1982 but they chose to tie a game with an extra point kick rather than going for two for the win against Arkansas.

In 1985, Oklahoma had lost Troy Aikman to a broken leg and refound their triple-option offense where the Sooners passed fewer times in a season than their quarterbacks do in a half now.

The Mustangs had begun the year at No. 3 and it looked like the final regular season game was going to be a great one against the Sooners. But NCAA probation - the first in their series of probations that led to the program being suspended for two years - cost SMU and they finished the year at 6-5 after a 35-13 loss to the Sooners.

In a tie to this year's team, Lee Morris' father caught a touchdown pass. Morris was given a scholarship at OU after great performances early this year. A high school teammate of Kyler Murray, Morris has developed into a big part of the offense for this year's Sooner attack.

While the Sooners were coming from behind to beat the Mustangs, this woman who can now discuss "style points" and "quality losses" as the committee determines who gets to play for a title, asked the question, "Why do they all have 'smoo' (SMU) on their uniforms?"

Southern Methodist had a shot at a national title and had a record of 41-5-1 in three years and she was unsure why the players had SMU on their shirts.

I guess some of her confusion could have come from the cartoon character "The Shmoo" that was popular at the time but i doubt she paid any more attention to the shmoo than she did to SMU.

That's not true anymore. Now, she is a fan who knows more about sports than most callers to local sports radio shows.

That shows that there is hope for every man who loves sports who lives with a woman who doesn't.

There might even be hope for the Alabama girl who didn't realize Alabama University's quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa, was given the name Tua by his parents and it wasn't an abbreviation for The University of Alabama. I don't know if she's crazy or a genius, but I know that girl isn't a big sports fan.

But my sister's evolution proves that anyone can come around.

Like 1985 when SMU was headed toward the death penalty and the shmoo trinkets were being sold in Wal-Mart stores across America, Oklahoma is one win from a great chance to play for a national football championship. 

My sister's attitude toward sports has changed a lot since 1985 - almost as much as the OU offense that has gone from the triple option to the air raid.

Hopefully, the Sooners can avenge their loss to Texas earlier this year so when we get together at Christmas we are able to talk about Oklahoma's chances to knock off Tua and the Crimson Tide.