Saturday’s game left me in a bad mood.

Alana and I were watching the YouTube stream. I was making dinner so I was in and out of the living room. She was calculating the lead after every basket and kept me up to date with live scoring.

I love that she cheers for the team. In fact, she's probably attended more OBU games than 75 percent of the student body.

Saturday's loss stung. With Tuesday's game, I knew the Bison would return to form.

And they did.

That was another great win to build upon as Coach Jason Eaker helps this team find their way.

I know it's early, but look who's third in the conference standings.

This team is exciting.

Dishon Lowery is a beast. And he’s in green and gold for another season. He's definitely the cornerstone for Eaker as he builds a winning program.

Antonio Wade is going to give you double digit points every time he puts on a pair of sneakers. To the dismay of some, I shared my thoughts on who was the best scorer to play at OBU. Wade finishes very high on that newly formed list.

To me, the team’s X-Factor is Davion Turner. I feel like he’s on the verge of becoming a 20-per-game scorer. If that happens the GAC voters will look pretty foolish picking OBU last in the conference.

This team isn’t afraid to let a 3 fly. Everyone can shoot. Once Harrison Stoddart finds his rhythm, six 3-point shooters is a good problem to have.

I can’t forget about the Lady Bison.

They played a great game Saturday and fell short in the early week tilt.

Committing 11 first-quarter turnovers is costly. They’ll figure it out and I don't see that being a problem down the road.

Autumn Avina's player of the week award was well deserved. She balled out last week, making sure everyone made the box score. Her 28 assists in two games last week has to be the best two-game stretch for any point guard in GAC history.

Even though I wasn't at the game, several people told me Noble had a few more people than normal. That's a step in the right direction.

I know there isn't much for a college student to do in Shawnee.

The men's team is undefeated at home. Both teams deserve fans in the crowd cheering them on.

There are 11 more home games. Go to them.