Plains All American Pipeline, L.P. will present a check for $6,000 to leaders of Tribbey on Dec. 10 to cover electric bills for the town’s community center for the next several years.

Plains, which until recently operated a pipeline near Tribbey, had been paying the electric bills for the town’s Dale Smith Community Center since 2003, when Plains employees discovered the Pottawatomie County town (pop. 391) would benefit from assistance. The community center hosts monthly town meetings and is a place for citizens to gather for group activities, public information and other purposes.

Although the company sold the pipeline at the end of 2017, Plains officials want to ensure the town still has the means to support the Center’s electric bills. Based on previous billing history, the $6,000 donation should provide support for approximately four to five years.

“We build relationships with the communities where we operate, and it’s been gratifying to help the residents of Tribbey over the last 15 years,” said Steve Misner, Plains’ Commercial Operations Manager, Mid Continent & Gulf Coast Divisions. “Even though we no longer operate a pipeline near Tribbey, we wanted to make sure we left the Community Center in a good position for the future.”

“This donation is special and means so much to our community,” added Tribbey town trustee Tony Adams. “Plains has been a great supporter of our town over the years, and it says a lot that they would continue their support of Tribbey like this even though they’re no longer operating the pipeline. Both the gesture and the donation are much appreciated.”