There were only a few seconds left in the third quarter. Jessica King was back in her first action for Asher since a terrible car accident on September 25 that could have claimed her life.

Stratford hit a three-pointer and Asher hurried to get the ball back inbounds. The pass came to King. She dribbled up the floor and shot the ball from well behind the half court line. 

It didn't go in. It wasn't even close.

"I knew it was going to be me," Kind said with a laugh. "It would have been great if it went in. But not yet."

What would you expect when less than three months ago King was in the trauma unit at OU Medical Center with broken bones in her neck and a distal fracture of her humerus on her shooting arm.

King didn't need to sink a buzzer beater or lead her team in scoring for Tuesday night's game to have a storybook ending. For her name to go from a hospital chart to a basketball scorebook in less than 90 days is the real storybook ending.

"It felt good," she said. "I was nervous and I got tired really easily because I haven't been allowed to play."

King said she was a little nervous about returning to the floor after recovering from her injuries. 

"In the back of my head, I thought, 'this could happen but also this could happen.' I wasn't too worried though," she said. 

Her mother, Tracy Brewer, said she wasn't nervous for her, but she was excited to see her back in uniform with her friends.

"I'm just glad she is getting to do what she wants to do," Brewer said. "It's been very rough. We were worried about whether she was going to make it or whether she would be able to walk. It was great to see her playing again."

King's coach Teresa Fowler was proud of the senior in her first game back.

"She did a great job considering she hasn't been on the floor for a year," Coach Fowler said. "She is one of the toughest kids I know. She will help us a lot as a shooter and on defense. We are just so glad to have her back."

Brewer said they stopped worrying about her recovery and started thinking about returning to sports when her arm healed and the doctors were pleased with her progress. 

King said she knew in October that she would be back soon. 

"They released me to shoot with the neck brace on," she said. "I knew then that I would be back."

King scored two points and played part of each quarter in her return.

After the game, she was tired and happy. Fans and friends came one after the other to congratulate her and tell her they were proud of her or happy for her.

The entire community has rallied around King and her family since the accident and they were all supporting her in her return to basketball as well.

King was glad to get the first game out of the way so she can get back into game shape over the break.

She is excited about the second semester. 

"I hadn't even blocked out since summer," she said. "I'm glad to get back in the game. I just want to do the best I can for my team."

The first game back is one she is looking forward to. When the Lady Indians played the first tournament this year in Earlsboro, King was stuck on the bench in a neck brace. After the break, she will return to a tournament there and get to play.

King survived an accident that could have killed her or paralyzed her. Less than three months later she was back on the court and taking advantage of the good fortune that gave her that chance.