A complete laser light show hangs from the ceiling, a video jukebox controlling various screens sits near the front and 40 vintage standing video games from the 1980s line the walls of Bell Street Retro Arcade.

Located in a historical building owned by Travice Jennings, 71, with games supplied by David Taylor, 36, this business is the first of its kind in Shawnee.

"It's a retro arcade which means older stand up arcades like Pac Man, Galactica, Donkey Kong, Mario Brothers and Space Invaders," Taylor said.

For about a decade, Taylor and Jennings have been in business together. They opened the Retro Arcade about two months ago and according to Jennings, have received positive community response.

"It's something for the kids to do. Everybody in this town says 'oh this is the greatest thing' and we have people from Gateway and from other organizations saying how great it is," Jennings said.

Taylor feels the reasons for the arcade's popularity are nostalgia from older visitors and discovery from youth.

"My main customers are the dads and the grandpas and they're bringing their kids and grandkids in here, trying to show them what their day was like, and believe it or not, the kids actually do have fun," Taylor said.

The business owner explained that in addition to the arcade games, the venue has other elements that make it entertaining.

"We're not primarily going for a retro arcade. We've got more options. We've got the Nintendo, we've got Jenga, we've got the light show and we've got the sound system," Taylor said. "I have some kids that (aren't) old enough to go to a bar but they want to do something and the only things to do around here would be the skating rink, the bowling alley, the movies or hang out at the mall and all those cost money. Here you get in for $10 and everything is free after that. Free popcorn. Free water. Every game in here is free."

Retro Arcades's hours of operation are Friday 4-11 p.m., Saturday noon-11 p.m. and Sunday noon-9 p.m.

They host private parties for a flat rate of $200, charge $10 a person for weekend parties and there's no charge for children three years or younger or adults not playing the games.

In addition to the game room, Taylor said there's a small pool hall for older customers.

"The reason we built the pool hall on the other side is so if parents just want to bring their kids they can have their space because kids aren't allowed to be on that side unless they're 18-years-old or older," Taylor said.

For Taylor, the most challenging aspect of owning the arcade is the maintenance on the games, which he often finds with ease.

"I've been in this industry since I was 19 years old...I know people all over the United States who get me this stuff next to nothing. A lot of these games we've just completely redone because they were just falling apart," Taylor said.

While Taylor provides the games, Jennings is responsible for the building. The arcade is housed in what used to be the Roundhouse Overalls factory.

"It was in 1910 when this building was built and some of the construction, the metal ceiling, the floors, the radiators and everything is 108 years old," Jennings said. "I think the historical part of this building is a big part of it as well."

For the near future, Taylor said he and Jennings plan on adding pinball machines to the arcade and want to become a safe space for Shawnee's youth.

"We hope to have the best retro arcade in the state along with the best pinball machines and the best light show and the best sound system because we're going to try and turn this into a fun kid hangout," Taylor said.