All five engines were lined on the track and the rumble of the wheels indicated it was time for passengers to board the train and prepare for their seven and half min ride around the Locomotive Operations of Central Oklahoma (LOCO) amusement park.

According to member of the organization and finical member of the Board of Directors, James Duncan, LOCO is a fun nonprofit for train enthusiasts.

"We're kind of a locomotive museum and we provide information on our tracks and rides on our locomotives," Duncan said.

LOCO owns five different engines as well as over 40 rolling stock which are box cars and other such cars the engine pulls.

The organization was established in the mid 80s for those who love fixing and working with small trains. It's been open to the public since 1996.

"We're open the first Sunday of every month from 1-4 p.m. and it's $3 person or $10 per family," Duncan said.

The park is also a great place for children to have their birthday parties Duncan said.

All five of their locomotives came from various places including donations and local manufacturers. Duncan said each engine is either electrical, gas powered and open to the public except their 4-4-2 steam engine which is only for members of LOCO to use because it's fueled by coal and therefore not safe for young children and their families.

For Duncan the best aspect of being apart of LOCO is having the opportunity to drive real trains. The only difference between these engines and the real ones in the scale size of 1.5 inches to the foot.

"If you love railroading it's small enough to where you can build it yourself and ride it. It's like the real thing. It's like experiencing the real thing without being in a big engine," Duncan said.

There are five acres of land in which LOCO operates their trains and it's located at 29626 Lake Dr. McLoud.

For the first time this year the organization decorated the park with Christmas lights and around 250 visitors attended the event.

Duncan said LOCO is great for train lovers of all ages and encourages people to come to the park Jan 6 for fun and rides.

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