I hate to be the one who sees the glass as half empty, but I really don't expect 2019 to be a good year for anyone. 

Normally, we make resolutions and have high hopes that the next year will be better than the last. Hope is nice, but it isn't a good strategy. It is a worse forecaster.

If you love Donald Trump as President, you will continue to be bombarded with stories about his inappropriate and probably illegal actions - from far too frequent golf trips to his own properties, to Russian collusion, and to campaign finance violations.

The number of indictments and convictions will only grow as the information gained from Michael Cohen and Michael Flynn gets used by Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.

This investigation could even bring the National Rifle Association down from the inside as a female Russian agent is now cooperating with the special counsel.

With the government shutdown and a Democrat-controlled House of Representatives taking over in less than a week, I don't even see a way that President Trump can get his wall built. Sure, the president says the border is tighter than ever so the wall would merely be a multi-billion dollar monument to ignorance, but it seems kind of important to Trump and his followers.

I don't think 2019 will be a good year for the people who love President Trump.

That doesn't mean I think this is going to be a great year for people who hate President Trump. 

Muller's investigation will likely continue throughout the year and result in a few more tantalizing indictments and other tasty news tidbits, but Trump isn't going anywhere. 

He won't resign. He hasn't spent more than two years making his followers question legal authority and the media because he is planning to let a few facts and felonies force his hand.

He tells his followers not to trust investigators and agents. Then he tells them not to believe the media who report on those discoveries.

The Democrats in the House will be more than happy to extract a few pounds of flesh from Trump and his family and advisors. They'll get his tax returns. They'll look into the situation at the border and the family separation policy. There are many things that will be the subject of hearings intended to embarrass Trump and damage him and the Republicans politically. There are even court filings now that demonstrate that among the evidence Mueller and his investigators have discovered is a nude selfie of an undisclosed person. We may find out who is in that photo in 2019, but I doubt that will make this a good year.

If you thought the Blue Wave would drown Trump, you were fooling yourself. Remember, if you throw a rock at Goliath, you better not miss.

There is political risk in trying and failing to impeach a President - especially a person like Trump who won't go down without taking some people with him.

If there was Russian collusion, do you really think Trump was the only one in the game? An entire convoy of Congressional Republicans have made the trek to Russia and returned. If politicians are compromised, it isn't just one.

There is no honor among thieves and there is less honor within this administration. Several have already flipped to save themselves. There will be more.

Trump won't be impeached. If he is impeached, the Senate won't convict him. He certainly won't resign. It won't be a good year for people who hate Trump in 2019.

So try to lose those extra pounds. Save some extra cash. Take that dream trip that you have always wanted to take.

But don't wait for politics or politicians to make 2019 great. 

I don't see that happening.