Two weeks ago I graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma and two days after the ceremony I started my full time reporter position at the Shawnee News Star.

If you had told me two months ago I would be working full time at a newspaper I wouldn't have believed you.

Since I was 16-years-old, all I've wanted to do is tell people's stories; making money doing that is just a great perk.

While attending UCO I had many great opportunities including three internships, making a documentary and freelancing for local publications. For four years I became a better writer and I fell in love with other aspects of media, such as film.

I also became acquainted with the Edmond community and met so many amazing people with incredible stories.

So when I was searching for a job I wanted to work somewhere I could use these new-found skills, but also get to know a new community. Shawnee was the perfect fit.

While it's only been a few weeks, I have enjoyed every day at the News-Star. Each day has brought me a new story I've had the privilege to write. I've also had the opportunity to make videos with some of my articles. Seeing Shawnee from a filming perspective allows me to see it even more. I love exploring new places and it's been great finding the people and places that make this community unique.

So far I've met an Eagle Scout who overcame adversity, an engineer and youth pastor who run a coffee shop and a game supplier who decided to open a retro arcade.

Three extremely different stories with one major similarity, Shawnee. Three fascinating stories written within a week. It's such an incredible honor to get to know this community.

I hope those who've shared their stories with me have enjoyed my articles and videos and I just want to thank you for letting me tell your tale.

In addition to the work I get to do, I also have the opportunity to work with some very kind and talented people. As a young journalist, I have a lot to learn and I feel I'm in good hands with the News-Star staff.

It's merely the beginning for me at the Shawnee News-Star, but I look forward to the people I'll meet, the things I'll learn and the stories I'll tell.