Near the train tracks at 602 E. Highland, The Vintage Depot is filled with a plethora of vintage treasures — everything from T-shirts and toys to teapots.

Owned by Shawnee residents Greg and Kimberly Rogers, the store is filled with unique jewelry, decorations and other such knickknacks.

"The Vintage Depot is a place for people to come and embrace the past and take home things that bring them good memories or make new memories with," Kimberly said.

The former assistant manager of Lowe's explained she and her husband opened the store in May of 2016.

"My husband and I both really love vintage and antiques. We collect lots of things and we were out buying things for our personal collection and we just started buying things for the store. Buying things we thought people would enjoy," Kimberly said.

The business owner explained she finds things from various places including flea markets, garage sales, estate sales and auctions.

"(Our products) are a piece of the past. A piece of something. We have Oklahoma T-shirts. We have just anything eclectic, fun and things of interest," Kimberly said.

Since their opening, Kimberly said The Vintage Depot has received positive feedback from members of the community.

"We have some pretty loyal followers. We have some people who come in week after week looking for something. We have new customers everyday. People who are just out antiquing come by the store," Kimberly said.

Before she was the owner of the shop, Kimberly worked several positions, but she said running the store is the happiest she's been.

"I work far harder now than I every did at any other job but I really enjoy it. I love the people. I love the stuff we have," she said. "It's just a place where people can come and just look around and see if there's something of interest."

However, being a business owner is not without it's hardships, Kimberly explained. It can be difficult dealing with inconsistency.

"If you have a slow day, it's challenging because you're depending on what you sell here at the store to earn a living," Kimberly said.

The name of the shop came about naturally, Kimberly said, because of its geological placement and inventory.

"We're close to the railroad track right down here and we sell vintage items so Vintage Depot kind of let's you know what's in here as well as just gives it a name," Kimberly said.

For Kimberly, she wanted to open the Vintage Depot in its current location because it was once an antique shop she frequently visited with her mother.

"This location kind of spoke to me because I remember as a young girl coming into this store and it had sat empty for several years and I just wanted to breath new life into it," Kimberly said.

As time goes on, the owner of the Vintage Depot said she wants her store to remain a community favorite.

"I hope that the store can continue to grow. I think people really do appreciate it. People love shopping here so I just would like to see it continue to grow and to bring good things to Shawnee," Kimberly said.