With a rich cultural heritage and the most diverse landscape in the nation, Oklahoma is a one-of-a-kind vacation destination. The 2019 Oklahoma Travel Guide highlights the stories of the places and people that make Oklahoma such a special place to live and visit.

This new guide from the Oklahoma Tourism & Recreation Department is designed to represent a modern twist on the classic storybook. The cover’s gold foiling and texture give it a look and feel that resemble an antique, leather-bound book. Inside, whimsical illustrations and Oklahoma-inspired verse are interspersed with stunning photography of the state’s most beautiful and fascinating places.

“Oklahoma’s story is such a special one that we really wanted to share it with travelers,” said Dick Dutton, executive director of the Oklahoma Tourism & Recreation Department. “We knew we couldn’t pack all that information into one book.

“Instead, what we’ve done is show readers where they can visit to experience the state’s culture and history firsthand. It highlights the beautiful Native American tribal dances that they can observe, get a feel of the rich western heritage by getting fitted for a cowboy hat and eating a steak at the same places real cowboys do, visit venues where they can see Oklahoma’s vibrant music scene in action and drive on legendary Route 66.”

Starting Jan. 1, individual copies of the 2019 Travel Guide can be ordered free online at TravelOK.com/Brochures or by calling (800) 652-6552. The guide will also be available at Tourism Information Centers, Oklahoma State Parks and many other locations around the state.

The guide features nearly 200 pages of only-in-Oklahoma travel destinations, including museums, events, state parks and dining destinations. The hundreds of vacation ideas within its pages will help travelers plan trips that will have them sharing their own Oklahoma stories.

Readers will learn where to explore Oklahoma’s Western and American Indian heritage, what some of the can’t-miss attractions are on the state’s stretch of Route 66 and where to find some of Oklahoma’s most beautiful outdoor scenery. The guide also contains directories of attractions and accommodations within the state.

The Travel Guide is one of many publications from the Department that can travelers can order free of charge on TravelOK.com. Others include the new 2019 Oklahoma State Parks & Outdoor Guide, the Discover Oklahoma Destination Dining Guide and the Route 66 Guide. The official Oklahoma State Map, Oklahoma Agritourism publications and brochures from attractions around the state are also available.

How to get a free 2019 Oklahoma Travel Guide

Visit TravelOK.com/Brochures

Call 1-800-652-6552 and press 1

Visit a Tourism Information Center

Visit an Oklahoma State Park office

About the Oklahoma Tourism & Recreation Department

The Oklahoma Tourism & Recreation Department works to preserve, maintain and promote the state’s natural assets and cultural richness through tourism. The Department’s Travel Promotions division administers programs designed to build awareness of the state as a destination and educates on the economic importance of the Oklahoma travel and tourism industry. The staff also oversees the agency’s marketing and promotions efforts along with operating Tourism Information Centers located at major entry points around the state. To learn more about the Department, visit TravelOK.com.