Shawnee City Commissioners may amend and immediately implement city code changes Monday, meaning area drivers will need to be up-to-date on certain motor vehicle procedures. Also up for discussion are repeals of some marijuana rules.

Shawnee City Commissioners may amend and immediately implement the city code Monday, meaning area drivers will need to be up-to-date on certain motor vehicle procedures. The board will consider whether to add language placing into effect proper turning and position procedures for drivers on city roadways, as well as turn signal usage. If approved, the code will become effective immediately.

There, also, will be discussion and consideration of an ordinance repealing certain portions of Article VIII, Chapter 8 — businesses, permits and licenses.

Repealed items include the removal of the registry requirement of owners of marijuana-growing facilities for personal use — as well as removal of the fee to register; owners of marijuana-growing facilities for personal use would no longer be subject to security provisions; and growing marijuana for personal use without first obtaining a license from the state would no longer be punishable by a $200 daily fine while in violation.

According to the agenda, Engineering Director Michael Ludi said his department was contacted by the ODOT Right-of-Way and Utilities Division and informed that in order to be compliant with federal regulations, a right-of-way turnkey service provider will be required to provide residential and commercial relocation services — and due to the large number of parcels to be acquired they also recommended using the selected firm to perform the acquisitions, as well.

“On Nov. 15, an RFP was sent out to all eligible firms requesting proposals for their services,” he said. “On Dec. 3, all of the proposals had been received and we began reviewing them.”

He said after checking references, and much consideration, he is recommending that Meshek & Associates, LLC be granted the contract for the Right-of-Way Acquisition for the second phase of the Kickapoo project — Kickapoo Street from Farrall to Kickapoo Spur.

In an effort to make improvements at the Heart of Oklahoma Exposition Center, Spectra, a venue management and hospitality services company, is being considered as a possible manager of the facility.

Commissioners are set to decide Monday whether to enter into an agreement with Spectra.

Also on the agenda, an ordinance may be approved, creating a parks and recreation committee.

Another topic of discussion is whether the board will OK an ordinance regulating the possession of controlled dangerous substances, adopting and incorporating the Oklahoma Uniform Controlled Substances Act — but only to the extent that said Act regulates misdemeanor offenses, the agenda reads.

The board will consider an ordinance providing for the closing of a public easement situated within Villagio Addition near the Oklahoma Heart Hospital, at 3306 N. Kickapoo.

“It is the intention of the applicant to expand the Oklahoma Heart Hospital,” Assistant City planner Joseph Barker said in the agenda memo. “The transfer of the waterline is necessary for this expansion to take place.”

Shawnee Police Chief Mason Wilson is requesting approval to purchase two used vehicles to be used as canine units.

“These vehicles would be purchased from drug forfeiture funds,” he said.

Drug forfeiture funds can only be used for drug enforcement.

The vehicles are estimated to last three years with an average of 12,000 miles each year, Wilson said.

“New police units would cost approximately $52,000 each,” he said. The cost of the two Ford Interceptor SUVs would be $33,590. The 2014 model and 2016 model each have 70,000 miles on them.

“We will repurpose the older canine vehicles as administrative vehicles,” Wilson said. “The current administrative vehicles are marked police units and can be shuffled to the streets.”

He said the SPD then plans to remove two of the Ford Crown Vics from the street, which have more than 150,000 miles on them.

In other business, applicant Crafton Tull is requesting a final plat for the Belmont Park Addition, Phase II, at 20 E. 9th Street — east of Acme Road, north of MacArthur Street

Also, a monthly sales tax report should be presented.

On the Municipal Authority agenda, staff is requesting authorization to enter into an agreement with Jay Updike of Holloway, Updike, and Bellen, Inc. for engineering consulting services.

On the Airport Authority agenda, the board will consider whether to proceed with a Request for Qualification (RFQ) to provide general civil engineering consulting in support of the Capital Improvement Plan for the airport.

The 6 p.m. meeting will take place Monday in the Bertha Ann Young City Commission Chambers at City Hall, at 16 W. 9th St.