Once known as the "small store with a big heart," T-Box Antiques and More has rapidly expanded its unique inventory in the last six months, all the while keeping its lovable and caring spirit.

According to owner and vendor, Heather Hulsey, the store opened two and half years ago and is known not only for its vast supply, but also its compassion for the community.

"We started off being the small store with a big heart because we give back. If somebody's house burned down we actually donated stuff," Hulsey said. "The homeless, we help feed them. We take care of them or try to."

The business owner explained before she sold treasures of the past, T-Box was an appliance store known as the Tool Box.

"We sold nothing but used appliances and beds. It got to where I can't get up and down off the floor to repair appliances anymore. So I had enough items of my own to start (T-Box)," Hulsey said.

Hulsey explained the community has grown fond of T-Box, so much in fact that many customers are wanting to prevent the building from potentially being demolished.

"Everybody loves our store. They found out that (the city) might be tearing our store down because of the road expansion and we have a lot of people that are wanting to start a petition stating that they don't want the store to be gone because if they tear my building down we won't be here any more," Hulsey said.

Hulsey said she's been trying to find another location but has so far had no luck.

There are over 70 booths and over 68 vendors who each have different items from the past.

Many of the vendors are older members of the community and Hulsey said they too enjoy selling vintage pieces to customers.

"A lot of the older women like doing it because it's therapeutic and it makes them feel better about themselves...," she said. "Now a lot of them can get out and they come here because it's warm here and they can work on their areas and visit and be like a family."

According to Hulsey, T-Box' popularity has grown because of social media, walk ins and word of mouth.

For the antique dealer, the best aspect of owning T-Box is meeting new people and seeing them find rare items.

"Seeing all the people happy when they walk out (is the best thing) and the return people when they come in," Hulsey said. "We don't look at our vendors and customers as vendors and customers we look at them as family."

Any and all are welcome at T-Box, Hulsey explained, because the store has a plethora of products.

"We're not just antiques. We have a variety of everything in here. We have stuff for children, men, women, everybody," she said. " And I'm also one of the biggest ones in Shawnee."

Though the future of T-Box is unknown, Hulsey said she hopes the store continues to be popular in the community and people take note of its caring nature.

"I hope our business is a success but right now it pretty much is but I am hoping that people can learn if they help just one person a day the world would be a better place," Hulsey said.

T-Box Antiques and More is located at 111 N Kickapoo Ave.