Shawnee's own state Sen. Ron Sharp and state Rep. Dell Kerbs authored a number of bills set to go before the Senate and House next month.

The Oklahoma House of Representatives finished filing bills last week for the first session of the 57th Legislature. According to, Shawnee's own state Rep. Dell Kerbs authored eight of the bills set to go before the House next month. They are:

• HB 1924 — Creation of an inter-school district website where surplus items would be posted, allowing other districts and potentially the public the ability to acquire items

• HB 1925 — Creation of a complimentary beverage license for on-premises consumption only

• HB 1926 — An act amending the meeting of or overtaking a stopped school bus; requiring that a portion of the fine would go into a certain revolving fund; allowing districts to install cameras on school-bus stop-arms

• HB 1966 — Creation of a Commercial Driver License Reform Act

• HB 2203 — Concerning adoption; prohibiting the fee for an updated home study if a previous study is less than three years old

• HB 2260 — Relating to criminal procedure regarding the Protection from Domestic abuse Act; amending time frames and documentation processes

• HB 2323 — Requirement to post most recent school district audits on websites for public inspection

• HB 2342 — Creation of the Teacher Insurance Reform Act

This year a total of 1,733 House Bills and 21 House Joint Resolutions were filed. Last year, the Clerk of the House reported 1,193 House bills and 32 House Joint Resolutions were filed for the 2018 session.

There are currently 24 Democrats and 77 Republicans in the House.


The Senate has completed filing bills for the first session of the 57th Legislature. The deadline was Thursday, Jan. 17. According to, Sharp has filed 27 bills in the Senate. They are:

• SB 15 — Removing language allowing certain entities to sponsor charter schools

• SB 20 — An act requiring virtual charter schools to create and administer a certain inventory system

• SB 45 — Requirement of school district boards of education to adopt codes of principles

• SB 52 — Prohibiting certain schools from using certain funds to provide for private extracurricular lessons

• SB 53 — An act relating to charter school sponsorship, prohibiting conversion schools from entering into a contract with a management organization

• SB 54 — Removing language setting forth the calculation of weighted average daily membership for virtual charter schools

• SB 55 — Creation of a Statewide Virtual Charter School Board

• SB 56 — Amending attendance policies for virtual charter schools

• SB 57 — Prohibiting certain schools from providing bonus payments for the recruitment of certain teachers or students

• SB 60 — Prohibiting use of certain funds to pay salary or fringe benefits of certain superintendents

• SB 69 — Amendment establishing appraisal rights for members of limited liability companies under certain circumstances

• SB 82 — An act amending student transfers, which would allow a student's resident district to approve or deny the transfer after a certain date

• SB 173 — Amendment of an act relating to crime and punishment regarding embezzlement and false accounts by officers; modifying prohibited actions or possession

• SB 176 — Requirement of an annual audit of the State Department of Health

• SB 177 — Requirement of state agencies to publish certain information relating to revenue on an annual basis

• SB 181 — Amendment of an act which relates to assault or attempted physical bodily injury on school employees

• SB 182 — An act allowing a school district board to establish a youth court

• SB 239 — Requirement of a teacher whose certificate has been suspended to remain employed while certain proceedings are pending; allowing suspension

• SB 247 — Prohibiting certain salary increases for state agency heads under certain conditions; providing for submission of salary increase for Legislature approval

• SB 269 — Authorization of a school district board to enter into multi-year contracts with principals and vice principals

• SB 286 — Modifying inclusions to texting and driving law

• SB 296 — Amending Anti-Drug Diversion Act, deleting and modifying certain provisions related to opioid prescriptions

• SB 363 — Adding payment requirement for expenses of special elections; providing certain sources of funds; allowing for recovery of expenses

• SB 480 — Reauthorizing the Sooner State ABATE license plate

• SB 481 — Creating the Oklahoma Tennis Foundation license plate and providing for expenditures thereof

• SB 531 — Modifying sum deposited into certain accounts from the Oklahoma State Employees Deferred Savings Incentive Plan Fund

• SB 995 — Providing exemptions relating to the Oklahoma Poultry Products Inspection Act

This year a total of 1040 Senate Bills and 21 Senate Joint Resolutions were filed. In 2017, a total of 831 Senate bills were filed, along with 46 Senate Joint Resolutions.

The Thursday deadline did not apply to appropriations bills, which can be filed throughout the session. In addition, Senate rules allow substantive bills to be introduced during the session after the filing deadline. In order for this to occur, the bill is assigned to committee by the Majority Floor Leader and the entire committee becomes the published author of the bill. Such bills must still be heard on the floor by March 14, the deadline for floor votes on legislation originating in the Senate. Measures not heard within that time frame can still be considered in the 2020 session. Senate rules also allow for bills by the President Pro Tempore of the Senate to be filed throughout the session.

The process of authoring bills by committee was first adopted by the Senate in 2015 to do away with shell bills, which were basically place-holders for members to use as vehicles for measures later in the session. The change was aimed at increasing transparency in the legislative process.

First session

The 2019 legislative session begins at noon Monday, Feb. 4, with the state of the state address from Gov. Kevin Stitt in the House Chamber.

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