Aaron Sloan, Kansas-Oklahoma Golden Gloves Vice President, announced today that eighteen Oklahoma amateur boxers will advance to the Kansas-Oklahoma Golden Gloves Regional Tournament April 20 in Wichita to face the corresponding Kansas championship team. Regional champions will compete with boxers from across the U.S. at the National Golden Gloves Tournament of Champions, one of the most prestigious amateur boxing events in the U.S., in Chattanooga, Tenn. in May. (OK State Championship Team list below). 

The Oklahoma Golden Gloves State Championship took place January 26 & 27 in front of a capacity crowd at Tulsa's Greenwood Cultural Center. Boxers from across the state competed in front of an audience of over 750 spectators, including members of the KO Golden Gloves Board of Directors and special guests Jamelle Holieway (former OU Sooner quarterback) and Tony Moore (Director of Tulsa’s award-winning Gathering Place). 

“It was a great weekend of boxing, and we’re excited to see the sport continue to grow in our state. The fan support was fantastic,” said Coach Sloan. “We’re pleased to have a solid team to represent our state at regionals, and these fighters are looking forward to this opportunity to box in Wichita. We hope to have a number of them advance to the National Tournament in May.” 

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Oklahoma State Championship Team

Male State Champions (OPEN)

108   lbs Uncontested

114   lbs Paul Saunders (Tulsa)

123   lbs David Perez (Tulsa/Engine Room Boxing Gym)

132   lbs Enrique Garcia (Oklahoma City)

141   lbs Angel Mora (Tulsa/King Street Boxing)

152   lbs Andre Brown (Tulsa/Tulsa Boxing Club)

165   lbs Orlando Hawkins (Tulsa/Engine Room Boxing Gym)

178   lbs Uncontested

201   lbs Ben Cottingham (Pawhuska)

201+ lbs Jeremiah Milton (Tulsa/Engine Room Boxing Gym)

Female State Champions (OPEN)

106   lbs Uncontested

112   lbs Uncontested

125   lbs Neida Ibarra (Tulsa/Tulsa Boxing Club)

132   lbs Uncontested

141   lbs Chelsea Martin (Oklahoma City/Western Avenue Boxing)

152   lbs Moragen Ferrell (Tulsa/Tulsa Boxing Club)

165   lbs Uncontested

178   lbs Uncontested

178+ lbs Uncontested

Male State Champions (NOVICE)

108   lbs Uncontested

114   lbs Uncontested

123   lbs Uncontested

132   lbs Cameron Veales (Tahlequah/Muskogee’s Fusion Boxing)

141   lbs Edher Gallardo 

152   lbs Karlos Lizarraga (Tulsa/King Street Boxing)

165   lbs Tracy Jones (Tulsa/Warrior Boxing)

178   lbs Warren Walker (Tulsa/Warrior Boxing)

201   lbs Alejandro Torres (Tulsa/Tulsa Boxing Club)

201+ lbs Varon Terrell (Ponca City/The Last Round)

 National Golden Gloves began in 1923 when Chicago Tribune Sports Editor Arch Ward conceived the idea of a newspaper sponsored city- wide amateur boxing tournament. Champions were awarded a miniature golden glove. Many great professional boxers have launched their early athletic careers participating as amateurs in Golden Gloves tournaments. Former National Golden Gloves champions include Muhammed Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Oscar De La Hoya, and more recently, Oklahoma’s own Allan Green (2002) and Aaron Morales (2017). Kansas-Oklahoma Golden Gloves began in 1928 and is a franchise of the National Golden Gloves of America. Headquartered in Wichita, Kans., KO Golden Gloves supports and promotes amateur boxing in parts of Kansas and Oklahoma.