Closing arguments and jury deliberations are expected Friday in a Pottawatomie County trial for the woman accused of second degree murder in the death of a Tecumseh police officer.

The trial of Brooklyn Danielle Williams, 24, began with jury selection Monday and is being held before District Judge John G. Canavan Jr.

Jurors are expected to hear instructions and final arguments before beginning deliberations.

During Tuesday's opening arguments, District 21 Prosecutor Pattye High read the charges to the jury, outlining that Williams is accused, on or about March 26, 2017, of engaging in the felony offense of harboring a fugitive and concealing Byron James Shepard, a person she knew to be a fugitive from justice.

While she was in the commission of that felony, charges allege Shepard, 37, who was the passenger in a vehicle being driven by Williams and stopped by Officer Terney, fired a 9 mm semi-automatic pistol into the abdomen of the officer, causing mortal wounds.

High told jurors that Officer Terney, at 22 years old, had been on the job as a Tecumseh police officer for just 192 days before he died.

This week's trial has included numerous law enforcement witnesses and the jury watching videos, including the dash camera video from Terney's patrol car.

Watch for updates.