A five-hour preliminary hearing was held in Pottawatomie County District Court Friday for one of two teenagers charged with second degree murder in the shooting death of a McLoud sophomore.

The hearing for Isabella Irene Sabas, 15, was held before Special District Judge David Cawthon and ended with the judge finding sufficient evidence to bind her over for trial, but on a lesser charge of first-degree manslaughter.

Her next court date will be held later this month.

Sabas is charged as a youthful offender in the death of Kaylen Thomas, 16, who died Oct. 5 after being shot in the head at a classmate’s home.

Back in November, Sabas was originally charged with first-degree manslaughter for recklessly handling the firearm that discharged; that charge was amended Jan.18 to second-degree murder.

After Friday's hearing, the youthful offender case for Sabas will move forward as a manslaughter case.

Another teen, Alano Marcelo Silverhorn, 17, is also charged as a youthful offender in Kaylen's death.

Silverhorn was initially charged in the juvenile court system, but after taking office on Jan. 7, District Attorney Allan Grubb charged Silverhorn with second-degree murder and as a youthful offender.

A preliminary hearing for Silverhorn is scheduled on Feb. 28. Both juveniles remain in custody.

Watch for updates.