The Pottawatomie County Board of County Commissioners held their first meeting of the month Monday afternoon at the Pottawatomie County Courthouse and most items on the agenda were approved.

The first items on the agenda were the consideration and action regarding IP security cameras for the county. Bids to install the 52 cameras came from JE Systems in Arkansas with a bid of $191,255 for five years as well as a bid from High Tech Tronics in Oklahoma City of $82,281 also for five years. Commissioners decided to look further into the matter.

The following items were among those approved: a tractor bid for Wanette Public Schools and approval for Macomb Public School to purchase two new heaters from Trane for $40,990.

The Pink Senior Center requested to build a 24 ft portico addition and fund it with their sales tax.

No action was taken and the issue is being tabled for the next County Commission for the Shawnee Senior Center's request to also use sales tax money to pay for a complete carpet project.

County Commissioner Eddie Stackhouse requested approval to repair Old Highway 18 over Salt Creek in his district. He has 90 days to complete the project and it will be completed by Robinett's Concrete Structures LLC who offered a bid of $46,750.

The next agenda item approved was the debris disposal agreement between Pottawatomie County and Nels Rodefeld which states the debris on Tooley Road will be stacked on his property.

Last to be discussed were requests from Pottawatomie County Development Authority member Steve Schultz which included maintenance of Wes Watkins Reservoir.

Schultz requested assistance with mowing at the lake and cutting the slopes of the dam as well as asphalt ceilings for the parking lots and roads and a new pick up truck.

While no action was taken, the Country Commissioners decided to add the items to the agenda for future meetings.