The Shawnee High School Spring Homecoming 2019 ceremony will be held at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 5, at the Shawnee Athletic Center. The theme is "Season of the Wolf."

Following the ceremony, the SHS girls' basketball team will face Piedmont. The boys' game will follow the girls' game.

Senior homecoming candidates and the organizations they represent are as follows:

Shyra Crowley, daughter of Genia Crowley and Corey Durham, and Devon Pack, son of Alicia Ryan, will represent track;

Sidney Waddell, daughter of Chris and Terrie Waddell, and Josh Floyd, son of Randy and LuAnne Floyd, will represent soccer;

Bryce Warren, daughter of Sheila and Wes Warren, and David Burkey, son of Jimmy Burkey and Brenda Auchey, will represent tennis;

LaRai Deshea McVea, daughter of Larry and Blanch McVea and granddaughter of Joyce McClarty, and Tyler Huebert, son of Scot and Carmen Huebert, will represent basketball;

Abby Stelzer, daughter of Don and Jana Stelzer, and Craig Ljungquist, Jr., son of Craig Ljungquist, Sr., will represent choir;

Colee Martin, daughter of Stacy and Jerry Martin, will represent golf;

Carson McKay, son of Melissa McKay and Randy McKay, will represent basketball;

Chlowie Hale, daughter of Tamara Hale, will represent pom;

Creed Killgore, son of Scott and Melissa Killgore, will represent baseball.