Expansion of Bison Crossing is moving along on the west side of the 3900 block of Kickapoo.

Expansion of Bison Crossing is moving along on the west side of the 3900 block of Kickapoo.

Residents will soon see the Hearing Health Care, Inc., building, at 3954 N. Kickapoo, replaced by a parking lot, audiologist and property owner Dr. Kurt Kalies said.

He has had his hands full for awhile now with the large construction project.

Several suites now line the street — to the south, finished and inhabited spaces are thriving; wrapping up construction on the north end are a handful directly behind Kalies' business; and in between is a section that will eventually tie the others together. He said he has been transitioning his office into one of the spaces behind his former building and is now operating out of the new site, which is the second to the south of the far north end.

He said he has been too busy to market the other spaces as of yet, his main focus at hand is removing his previous office out front.

“Once the weather cooperates, we'll be able to get that building torn down, create drainage and pour the new, larger parking lot,” he said. “Patient flow will be better.”

He said his business — now in its 72nd year of operation in Shawnee — just keeps growing.

Kalies said his hope is that his remaining commercial spaces will be appealing to other businesses and practices in the health care field.

Right now, Kalies is just happy to be gaining another helping hand at his own site.

“Dr. Calyn Russ will be starting with us April 1,” he said. “I'm really excited about that; we need the help.”

Kalies said down the road, when he has a lot more help, he would like to take his hearing health services into the community by setting up screening rooms for groups, like churches.

Hearing health too often gets neglected, he said.

Watch for updates.