Preliminary hearings have been postponed until April for the four defendants charged in a child neglect case after a Meeker 15-year-old was found near starvation and living in a barn last summer.

The teen weighed just 80 pounds when he was taken into protective custody July 12 and remained hospitalized quite some time as part of his recovery.

That boy's father, stepmother and two older siblings face charges in Lincoln County District Court.

The father, Jimmy L. Jones Sr., 34, faces felony child neglect and child abuse by injury counts. In the child abuse by injury count, Jones is accused of shooting the teen in the leg with a shotgun, records show.

The stepmother, Amy A. Jones, 46, is charged with enabling child abuse and is accused of permitting the willful abuse of the child, identified in court documents as J.L.J.J., by failing to protect the boy from his father when he shot him in the leg with the shotgun.

The father, stepmother, along with the teen’s two other siblings, Jonathan Luke Plank, 20, and Tyler Joe Adkins, 24, are also charged with felony child neglect.

In that felony count, they are accused of acting conjointly with each other in the neglect of the child by failing to provide adequate food, shelter, sanitation, hygiene, appropriate education, medical and dental care for that child.

During a preliminary hearing, a judge hears evidence and determines if there is enough evidence for a case to proceed to trial. Watch for updates.