Voters in the Pleasant Grove Public Schools district passed a $150,000 bond issue Tuesday to help fund the construction of a new storm shelter and a new lift station.

According to Pleasant Grove Superintendent, Scott Roper, this is his third time and an overall fourth attempt for the district to get the bond passed in the past five years.

"We're excited to build our storm shelter so we can keep students at Pleasant Grove safe," Roper said.

A total of 48 people voted on the bond. Of those, 33 voters or 68.75 percent voted yes and 15 voters or 31.25 percent voted no. School bond issues require a 60 percent supermajority to pass.

"We appreciate all the help and guidance that we received from our patrons in the district and the community," Roper said.

The storm shelter will be built on the east side of the building next to the gym. It will hold about 350 students and faculty members.

“Currently if there are expected tornadoes, we have to close the school down early. This will provide a safe environment for students and staff who are at the school during this inclement weather as well as serve a need for the surrounding community,” Roper said.

A policy and procedures will be developed for residents to enter the shelter after school community members.

In addition to the storm shelter, the bond issue will also help pay for a new lift station.

Pleasant Grove doesn’t have any main sewage lines and therefore must use a lift station which pumps sewage to the main line. Roper said their current lift station desperately needs to be replaced.

With passage of the bond issue, those who live within the district boundaries, who pay $100 in annual property taxes, will need to pay $12.94 more annually or $1.08 more per month. The bond issue will stay on the tax rolls for five years.

Roper also explained additional money for the storm shelter will come from building funds and the county's education half-cent sales tax.

Roper said construction may begin in May or June.