Do you want to learn how to ballroom dance or learn a Latin dance like Salsa? In February, there will be a variety of ways to learn in the area, thanks to a business professor at Oklahoma Baptist University. During Black History Month, individuals will learn some of the hottest dances in the nation… right in the Shawnee community.  

When you start talking about ballroom dancing, everyone thinks about the ABC’s hit show Dancing with the Stars that pairs up celebrities with professional dance partners in an intense ballroom competition. The show features every type of ballroom and modern dance. Many people, especially women, are interested in learning to ballroom dance.

On Saturday, February 9th, Basic Ballroom Dancing 101 will be offered to feature at least two dances, including Rumba from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm. From 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm, individuals will be treated to Latin dance, including Salsa and Bachata. No partner or past experience will be necessary. This beginner’s class will introduce participants to the basic rhythms and dance techniques.   To register, please contact Gordon Cooper Technology Center at 405-273-7493.

The dance instructor will be Dr. Daryl D. Green, who is an assistant professor at the Paul Dickinson School of Business. Some people call him the dancing doctor. He and his wife have several years of social and competitive ballroom dance experience. Dr. Green loves to support dance education in the community. The first time this event was held at OBU, it attracted over a hundred people. Dr. Green notes, “I like bringing people together. Music and dance bring people together regardless of their backgrounds. Folks from the community came out in great numbers. We hope the Oklahoma Central Chapter #5056 of USA Dance Inc. is helping us in sponsoring the dance party. I just want people to come and enjoy themselves again.”

Dr. Green explains the contribution of African-Americans to music and dance. Dr. Green explains, “Like arts in America, ballroom dancing has been influenced heavily by African Culture. Most people don’t understand this point. For example, swing dancing in ballroom studios is very popular. Yet, modern swing came from the Lindy Hop. Lindy took Harlem by storm in the 1920s during the height of the Harlem Renaissance.” Sadly, there is no place for ballroom dancing in Shawnee or East Oklahoma City. Most of the ballroom dance studios are in Oklahoma City, Norman, or Edmond.

To register for the dance workshop, please contact Gordon Cooper Technology Center at 405-273-7493.