After a second vehicle was stolen in less than a week, Shawnee police are reminding residents not to leave running cars unattended and unlocked while they're warming up.

Shawnee Police Cpl. Vivian Lozano-Stafford said residents need to be mindful that an unattended running vehicle is an easy target for a would-be thief.

“It's an easier crime if the door is unlocked,” she said.

Tuesday morning, a Shawnee resident left a car running to warm up and 10 minutes later, discovered it was missing, she said.

A similar incident happened in Shawnee last week as well.

While Lozano-Stafford said she knows it is cold and residents may need their cars to warm up in the mornings, she remind drivers to either stay with their vehicles or have an extra key so the vehicle can be locked.

Police hope awareness can prevent future car thefts in town.

“Be mindful to lock your car or stay outside with it,” she said.