Jordan Blair just keeps winning and her wins are opening doors to new opportunities that she could have never imagined when this wrestling season began.

Oklahoma is behind other states that have successfully added girls wrestling to competitive sports at the high school level. So girls who wrestle are stuck wrestling against boys. 

Blair, a freshman at Bethel, had some success against boys this year. But she has been a true standout since she got to wrestle against other girls her size.

Blair won her third state title this weekend, this time at the OKWA tournament in Tulsa. Her championship qualified her for a team of Oklahoma wrestlers who will compete at a national meet in Reno, Nev. in April.

"The new challenges and better competition are what I want," Blair said. "It is thrilling."

Jordan's mother, Michelle, said she gives a lot of credit for her daughter's success to Coach Jason McPhail moving to Bethel this year.

"Jordan always had a desire to be a competitor," Michelle said. "But when Coach McPhail got here, her career turned around. He brings out the best in her and other wrestlers. He is a great coach but he is also very positive and pushes the wrestlers to be their best."

Jordan didn't get pushed too hard this weekend. Her matches were first-round pins until the finals when she made it into the second round before recording the fall and winning the title.

"I've completed four of my goals," Jordan said. "I just have to keep moving forward until I get to wrestle in college and maybe even in the Olympics. I am willing to grind and put in the work to get there."

McPhail said he is excited to see what Jordan does at the national tournament with her team.

"She is a special talent," he said. "She is fun to coach. She scored more points than any other girls at the Junior High Stae Tournament and we were told she was named the Outstanding Wrestler at the event. She set her goals and so far, it has been a clean sweep."

The OSSAA is expected to add girls wrestling at the state meet either next season or in 2021. Until then, Jordan will wrestle against boys in her weight class. She has her eye on qualifying for out of the boys regional next season as a sophomore. 

"It will take a lot of work and a lot of training," Jordan said. "I might be underestimated because I'm a girl, but my beliefs can overcome any boy who thinks he has won the match already."