The Pottawatomie County Commissioners held their second monthly meeting Tuesday Feb. 19 and approved most items on the agenda.

According to District 3 Commissioners, Eddie Stackhouse there were few items on the agenda and the Commissionaires first awarded IP security cameras to Pottawatomie County.

Next to be approved was a bid from Pontotoc County for a trailer for District 3 which was sold for $10,107.69 each. Tecumseh Public Schools purchased a 2019 Chevy Suburban SW #35 for $37, 897 from Carter City.

No action was taken on agenda item eight which was a consideration for Shawnee Senior Center to use sales tax money to complete their carpet project. The Commissioners approved the purchase of an ambulance for React from Professional Ambulance through county sales tax funds for $77, 016.

Stackhouse also explained the Commissioners approved a consideration regarding Pott. County District 3 leasing three 672G Motor Graders from CL Boyd Company through Sourcewell National Purchasing.

Deputy Scott Hawkins was also approved to apply for a VOCA Grant for the sheriff’s office. No action was taken on agenda item number 17 which was the consideration of a discussion with Steve Schultz regarding the Wes Watkins reservoir.

All usual agenda items were approved as well including payroll, last meetings minutes, monthly reports from county officers, Transfers of Appropriations and Blanket Purchase Orders.