Life can certainly bring circumstances that allow us to sabotage our nutrition and physical fitness programs. Raising a family, earning a living, busy schedules dampening our motivation to exercise, or special events and gatherings tempting us to overeat are classic examples.

Life can certainly bring circumstances that allow us to sabotage our nutrition and physical fitness programs. Raising a family, earning a living, busy schedules dampening our motivation to exercise, or special events and gatherings tempting us to overeat are classic examples. Let me be the first to say these are definitely roadblocks to deal with, but I beg to disagree that they are good reasons to let your health programs suffer or discontinue. Why?...Well, first and foremost, nothing in this world is so important that we should let it get in the way of good health for ourselves, and loved ones.

We have got to stay committed to our cause for good health! Trust me folks, you can attain your fitness goals in 2019, and be in the best shape of your life starting today, by staying committed to your program with daily discipline. If there is one key to your health and fitness success, I would have to say it is going to be your individual commitment! The dictionary defines this as the act or quality of voluntarily taking on and fulfilling obligations. And my friends, fulfilling an obligation to yourself is exactly what has been done, once your fitness goals have been accomplished.

To utilize this very important trait, it is clear our next challenge is to define what commitment means to each of us individually. From a fitness standpoint, for me, it is that little voice that says to complete my workout, even if I don’t feel like it. It is having the dedication to apply good knowledge I have learned, or someone taught me over the years, like giving my body what it needs nutritionally and drinking 64- 96 ounces of water, even if it makes me use the rest room more frequent. It is the way that I feel after staying true to my exercise and nutrition for week’s, months, and years at a time, and feeling better than I ever have because of it. And I personally guarantee if you stay committed to your program everyday, you will feel the same way too! Just set your goals and commit to following them every day, week, and year, no matter how difficult it may seem at the time. Commitment is being so focused on your goals, that nothing can keep you from following a plan, that is designed to help achieve them.

Let me also say that being committed to your nutrition program doesn’t mean that you have to suffer in every aspect of your life. It does not have to be one extreme or the other. You can be on a program that is taking you to your goals, and still enjoy some of your favorites along the way. With reason of course, because it is very important to keep your total daily calories and content under control. If you are having trouble with your intake, try the 50%-50% rule , which means you eat healthy one day and the next day you eat what you like . Your next challenge could be progressing towards eating healthy 70% of the time, and the remaining 30% of the time feeling free to eat what you like. In a one week cycle, the 70%-30% rule converts to about 5 days of healthy eating, and 2 days of not being so strict. If you want to challenge yourself even further you can progress to the 80%-20% rule, which is 6 days healthy eating combined with 1 day that you eat for taste. Staying committed to whichever plan you choose is the key, because over time, your consistency will start to show in the way of results! Challenging yourself to stay accountable in this way is great because, in all scenario’s you are providing your body plenty of healthy nutrients, satisfying your tastebuds, but more importantly are staying committed to a plan, progressing towards your goals, developing good habits, and adopting a healthy lifestyle change for the better.

The first step is to define reality by evaluating your health status to identify areas you need or want to improve. Secondly, you must make a promise or commitment to yourself to attain them, because they are important. Use your commitment, goals, and dreams for yourself to build a passion inside you that fuels your energy to start and sustain a plan for improved health that provides proper nutrition, vitamins, exercise, rest, and plenty of healthy fluids. I encourage you to write these goals down, keep them in a prominent location, review them frequently, and commit with the action that is necessary every day to attain them. For example on your exercise sessions, I am asking you to plan ahead by discussing with yourself and family to decide the best time for you to exercise, and then do it. This type of planning must also be done with the nutrition and rest portions of your program as well.

Everyone has different goals right? Weight and fat loss, losing inches, gaining lean muscle, feeling better, looking better, gaining more energy, or maybe all of them. Regardless of your status, or what you are looking for, I want to remind you that, you can improve, and I mean really improve, with action. I want to remind you to be patient and committed to taking small, organized steps of action every day towards your goals. Your fitness success is neither whirlwind or catastrophic. For example, you will not wake up tomorrow 15 pounds overweight, or find yourself 30 pounds underweight. One day, or meal does not define your overall program success. Whats important is that you never let one issue carry so much weight that it defines the success or failure of your health, fitness, and nutrition program. Instead, it has been my experience that it is a series of decisions, good or bad over of time that makes the difference.

I challenge you to be a difference maker in 2019, by staying committed every day on attaining better health, nutrition, and fitness for life. You can do this!

Until next week make it a healthy and nutritious day! To get started on healthy weight loss and nutrition products, stop by Reggies Personal Training and Nutrition, 104 E. Main, Shawnee, or call (405) 613-0237, or message me on Facebook at Reggie’s Personal Training & Nutrition.

Reggie Grovey is a 21 year fitness professional, nationally Certified Personal Trainer, and Independent Advocare Nutrition Advisor and Distributor.