SEMINOLE, OK—To gauge academic levels that The Academy of Seminole (TAOS) students entered school with, each student took the NWEA Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) test in August 2018. Students took the test again in December, and their results were impressive.

The median growth in test scores was at the 82 percentile in both math and reading. That means students' scores were higher than 82 percent of other students in the nation. To make this clear: if 100 students in the nation took this test, the median improvement for TAOS students was higher than 82 other students!

“This type of growth for an entire school is amazing. Our students demonstrated our goals of working hard and never giving up, and these results prove that,” said Head of School Wren Hawthorne.

The MAP test is a unique assessment tool that creates a personalized experience for students by adapting to their learning levels. This provides teachers with a precise measure of student progress for which they receive test results within 24 hours. This allows teachers to quickly determine their students’ needs and can immediately work with families on any necessary intervention.

“Our students will take the MAP test again in May, and we are confident they will continue to show growth in their learning,” said Hawthorne.

About The Academy of Seminole 

The Academy of Seminole is a public charter school that is free and open to all students. This coming Fall the school will open to grades PreK through 11th. More than 160 students have entered the lottery for admission to the school for next year. Parents can enter their child in the lottery by visiting The deadline for entering the lottery is March 1.