SEMINOLE, OK— The Academy of Seminole (TAOS) will hold its first lottery since the school began last August.

When a charter school receives more applications than it has seats for, as is the case with TAOS, it is required to hold a lottery. This fall, the school will add additional grades to become Pre-K through 11th. Because of the increased interest in attending the school, most of the grade-level lottery numbers are close to capacity, and they continue to receive applications. For example, their tenth-grade lottery capacity is 24, and they have 27 names. We will continue to take applications even after the lottery, but at that point it will be first come first serve until all spots are filled, then we will have a wait-list.

To address the additional grades and student numbers, they are also hiring at least 11 new teachers. Four have already been hired, and several others will be on the next board meeting agenda.

“Having so much interest from families who want their children to attend our school is incredibly exciting and encouraging,” said Head of School Wren Hawthorne. “Coupled with our impressive student assessment scores, the future is looking very bright for TAOS.”

The elementary and middle school grades focus on a classical curriculum with a heavy emphasis on phonics. Their high school is an early college high school, which means that students can obtain their high school diplomas and associate degrees at the same time for free.

“We’ve made a huge effort to create a non-traditional environment for our students,” said Hawthorne. “Our classrooms contain flexible seating for a variety of learning styles, and we follow an action-based learning method, which supports the belief that healthy, active students make better learners.”

The lottery will be held March 5th at 6 p.m., at Seminole State College in the Jeff Johnston Fine Arts Center. Contact the school at 405-380-9010 with any questions.