The Shawnee Board of Education met Monday and voted to hire Dr. Teresa Wilkerson as the district's new assistant superintendent.

Superintendent Dr. April Grace recommended Wilkerson for that job. Wilkerson has served in public education for 31 years as a Language Arts, English and Communications teacher and has taught and worked in administration at schools throughout Oklahoma.

The board went into executive session to discuss Wilkerson's employment as well as several others, and once back in open session they approved all items involving employment.

Information regarding the A-F Report cards, which were recently released by the state, was also presented to the board.

The A-F Report Cards show the overall progress of a school based on a point system divided into five categories such as test scores, academic growth, chronic absenteeism, English Language Proficiency Assessment and post-secondary opportunities and graduation rate. The grading is based on a difficult points system and the averages were on a bell curve.

Each school in the Shawnee district received an overall C or below. There were no F schools.

"We're not at the bottom of the five percent. We're not at the top part of the five percent. We're somewhere in the middle of the pack...We just need to continue our growth," Dr. Grace said. "We're so much more than a letter grade..."

Members of the board, after discussing it in executive session, also approved the appraisal, purchase or acquisition of property and they also approved setting a date for the sale of $6,000,000 in Taxable Building Bonds which was set for April 26.

Board members also approved calling a special bond election in May to seek the issuance of general obligation bonds for transportation equipment.

The Board approved all agenda items relating to funding, minutes from last month's meeting, fundraisers and an out of state trip request from various educators.

Watch for updates.