The monthly meeting of Indivisible Shawnee will be held at Elevated Grounds, 3930 N. Kickapoo, on Sunday, March 10th at 2:00 PM. This change of venue is for one month only and the group will resume meeting at the Shawnee Public Library in April.

In response to citizen input and inquiry, the topic for this month’s meeting is “recycling in Shawnee” and we are pleased that Taylor Adcock from Central Disposal will be our featured speaker. He will describe local efforts to recycle and comment on the changing recycling

environment, especially for plastics, 45% of which used to be sent to China. Since January 1, 2018, China as essentially ceased to accept plastic from other countries. It is estimated that between now and 2030, 111 million metric tons of plastic will accumulate with much being incinerated or ending up in landfills. As of now, only 9% of plastic gets repurposed; and most

of us have heard of the Pacific Gyre, an island of floating plastic in the North Pacific that is approximately twice the size of Texas (and it is only one of five such gyres). Waste management is a complex and timely topic, and the discussion is bound to be spirited. The public is welcome to join Indivisible Shawnee.