Shawnee police are reminding residents once again to be cautious about scams.

In one case, there are those sending text messages claiming to be from the city of Shawnee or Shawnee police, but they’re not — they are scam texts.

Shawnee Police Cpl. Vivian Lozano-Stafford said they've had several reports of these type of texts, including some with links, and police want want to alert the public that the city or SPD won’t send text messages.

There are numerous scams out there, from callers claiming to be from Social Security or the IRS, to text phishing scams.

Another text scam they’ve received are different reports of text messages claiming to be from a credit card company.

Especially prevalent this time of year are IRS scams, she said, with callers claiming someone needs to pay funds to avoid arrest or some other concerns. The officer reminds everyone that the IRS will not call; they will send something through the mail if it is legitimate.

These type of fraud cases are investigated by the Oklahoma Attorney General’s Office, she said, but any scams can be reported to Shawnee police for a information report.

She also wants to remind citizens to be alert and not give out any personal information or money.