Like many schools in the county, Tecumseh Public Schools received lower scores and grades at the end of February when the State Board of Education released the 2017-2018 School Report Cards.

According to Superintendent Tom Wilsie, it was unfortunate to see how the schools were graded overall.

However, he feels it’s important to understand how teachers and students can continue to grow.

“I think anyone who looks at that is disappointed at first glance and I think you know how hard your students and teachers are working so there’s always some disappointment there,” Wilsie said. “The important thing is to go back and look at all the information that is provided and see how did you get there and then start formulating a plan for how you can get better.”

The grades for the schools are as follows: Cross Timbers Elementary School: D, Tecumseh Middle School: C, Tecumseh High School: D.

In 2016 the State Board changed the grading system from a single letter grade to a point system and grades based from various categories.

“The previous report cards a lot of folks, myself included, thought it was not really a fair system and so I think the new report card does provide some different information in terms of providing ways for us to monitor our growth and that’s really a key thing,” Wilsie said.

In the new system elementary and middle school are judged on four categorize while high schools are graded on five.

The categorize include: academic achievement, academic growth, chronic absenteeism, English language proficiency assessment progress and post-secondary opportunities and graduation rate.

“I think as you look at it you’re going to see grades typically fall based upon socio economics and so I think it’s difficult to come up with an A-F status that is really reflective of what a school is doing,” Wilsie said. “It doesn’t tell the whole story of the opportunities a district is providing or how hard teachers are working…,”

Though the new grading system is still flawed and the district received lower grades, Wilsie said educators will learn from the new data and think of ways to better their students’ education.

“I think the first thing you need to do is understand how the bells are being recorded. How the scores are being calculated…and to share information with other school districts and not be afraid to make some changes,” Wilsie said.

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