Early Wednesday morning, the canopy over the Love's gas station and convenience store in Tecumseh fell over due to powerful winds.

According to Tecumseh Fire Chief Aaron Williams, the damage was not reported to the fire station but he and other firefighters saw it while on another call.

He said this is the second time the structure has fallen in the last five to six years. The fire chief explained a crew is dismantling the poorly designed structure.

No injuries were reported in the incident.

Firefighters were not dispatched to any other weather-related accidents in Tecumseh, he added.

According to Pottawatomie County Emergency Management Director Don Lynch, the Love's canopy was the only damage reported from the strong winds.

However, he said there were reports of 1,140 people without power in Shawnee due to damaged electrical lines at one point on Wednesday.

Lynch said there were also power outages in the Bethel Acres area causing schools to start classes late at 10 a.m, but power was later restored.