Shawnee High School students performed their rendition of "Urinetown" March 7-9. For some senior cast and crew members, this was their last production. The cast and crew list are as followed.

Cast list:

Bobby Strong: Josh Gauss (Senior)

Hope Cladwell: Cierra Farris (Senior)

Officer Lockstock: Jordan Wood

Little Sally: Kinley Schollenbarger

Cladwell B. Cladwell: Nate Stephens

Penelope Pennywise: Baylor McLain

Josephine Strong: Lauren Canady (Senior)

Mr. McQueen: Josh Cleveland

Officer Barrel: Kayla Parsons (Senior)

Little Becky Two Shoes: Elena Duffield

Hot Blades Harry: Bryan Smith

Joseph "Old Man" Strong: Sean Martin

Tiny Tom: Katigan Barksdale

Senator Fipp: Cris Foote

Soupy Sue: Hanna Saidi

Dr. BilleauxExtra cop: Abby Stelzer (Senior)

Mrs. Millennium: Alexis Effinger

Billy Boy Bill: Justice Riggle

Robby the Stockfish: Jody Cejka

Boy Cop/Staff Member: Jared Miner

Revels: DeNisha Barkus, Allyson Campbell, Luke Cantrell, Cassi Draper, Audrey Flood, Bailey Justice, Natalia Mesones and Skyler Walling (Senior)


Director: Brandy Bond

Music Direction: Justin Lee

Choreography: Emma Morris

Stage Management:

Head: Zach Perkins (Senior)

Assistants: Blake Bush and Ben Martin

Dance Captain: Cierra Farris (Senior)