Once through the glass, she was surrounded by many impossible things such as green needle nose birds, beautiful gossiping flowers, a smiling cat with a tongue ring and the Mad Tatter, also known as Issac Bruno.

In October of 2016, Bruno and his family opened their own Wonderland at 2304 N. Harrison St., where he and other artists create unique tattoos while submerged in a world of imagination.

"It's our take on the 1951 Alice in Wonderland and it's not just posters of Alice in Wonderland stuck up. We've actually gone in and painted in 3D concepts and just made it our own," Bruno said.

For nearly 29 years, Bruno has been a tattoo artist and he explained his shop is a reflection of his uniqueness.

"I wanted to do something totally different. I've been in the business for 28 years and it seems like all the other shops just follow the stigma of a tattoo shop," Bruno said. "Well I wanted to do something totally off the wall. Something where you can embrace your inner child yet do adult things."

Named for its title, the Mad Tatter has several rooms, each with a different theme from Alice's story such as the Rabbit's house, the no name forest and the Red Queen's castle.

"I wanted something to where the ladies could relate to it and the gentlemen could as well," Bruno said. "The ladies with Alice and her struggles and overcoming it and the cute little creatures and then the guys with all the trippy colors and all the crazy critters and everything throughout, so it just seemed to kind of fit."

The tattoo artist said as far as he knows, his shop is the only one with a theme, making him stand out.

"I think most everybody loves it. They love the concept. They love that it's breaking the stigma of what they consider tattoo shops," Bruno said.

In addition to owning an eclectic shop, Bruno explained he does not have any tattoos himself because he feels he would constantly want to change them.

"A lot of (people) say 'well you don't have a tattoo so why should I get a tattoo from you,"' he said. "One of the best ways I (explain it) is 'so if you need brain surgery (the doctor) has to have their brain operated on to be able to do their job."'

The tattoo artist said while he doesn't have a tattoo, he is good at his craft and has created thousands of tattoos.

"I've been doing it for 28 years. I pay attention to the way people react and I pay attention to the way people describe it. That's how I know," Bruno said.

Since he was young, Bruno has been passionate about creating things.

"I always was an artist. I always loved to paint, draw, sculpt and I used to airbrush motorcycles and hot rods...," Bruno said.

The business owner said after a friend saw his talent and convinced him to try tattoo artistry, he began studying and honing his craft.

"(I love) the creativity. The stories you get to hear on why they're getting tattoos," Bruno said. "Whether it's a memorial piece or it's something that their grandfather drew...being able to put it to skin where it's there forever and see their face light up in the mirror...that's the best part."

The craft is not without its struggles, the father explained, as it can be a lot of pressure creating a piece of art that will be on someone's body forever.

"That someone is putting faith in you to come up with an idea and to put it to skin and to make it look nice because there's no eraser. So doing that and having to take their ideas and put it to skin is really challenging," Bruno said.

Bruno said he loves having his own business because he likes being his own boss, but it can be stressful as he has a small staff and he works many hours.

Over the last two and half years, the Mad Tatter has inked 2,703 people and over the entirety of his career he's given an estimated 36,400 tattoos, essentially tattooing as many people as live in Shawnee.

"We just love Shawnee. There's just so many friendly people. They come in. They feel like they can trust us with their design and they just come in and talk...they're awesome," Bruno said.

The artist was actually born in Shawnee, raised in Del City and now lives in Macomb with his family.

Bruno said he was given the title of the Mad Tatter and wears it with pride.

"It's a title that's kind of bestowed upon me. I never considered myself the Mad Tatter even though I am a little wonky," Bruno said. "It's cool. I can accept it. I'm definitely obsessed with tea...and I always wear a hat...so I can see the resemblance."

Bruno explained in addition to producing quality art, the Mad Tatter also gives back to the community.

"Some of the stuff that we really try to do here that's just different I think than a lot of places is that we're really trying to help the community," Bruno said."We're always trying to give back because we've been in that situation to where we've needed help."

He explained they do Santa for Soldiers, Angel Tree, food drives and they've gathered warm clothes and blankets to give to Shawnee's homeless population.

In October, the Mad Tatter will celebrate its three year anniversary and Bruno explained as the future approaches he's hoping to expand.

"We're not content with just one shop. We're wanting other shops and other ways and other places. We're wanting to do different themes — we're not going to do the same thing over and over again," Bruno said.